Design Tips to Get Users to Push Your Buttons

October 23, 2015 | Caitlin Smith

No matter what the end goal of your SnapApp may be, the key is that your customers interact with it.

While this can mean answering questions, filling out the lead form, or voting in a bracket, there’s always a button involved. With our past release and our upcoming one, we’ve made it easier than ever to design eye-catching buttons. Here’s an overview of some best practices to ensure the button on the page isn’t an afterthought.

Create a Hover Effect

It’s so easy to create a hover effect that you should do it for all your buttons!

Select a button in your SnapApp and open its configuration menu. Here you have two options: upload a separate image file for the hover or copy and adjust the main image.


When you copy the main image, it duplicates the main button for the hover. Then you can use the formatting bar to adjust its opacity and/or add a border to quickly create a new look when the user mouses over the button. Here’s an example of the above button used in this way:


Filters and Shadows

Our next release includes more styling tools that will let you add shadows and photo filters to any button or image. That will take the above tip to the next level as you can quickly make the hover sepia, grayscale, and more. Here’s the same button and some of the many different designs you’ll be able to create with one click:



Animate Them!

Why have static buttons when you can make them move? On the button configuration menu, there’s an Animation tab. Here you can choose from a list of over 15 animations, as well as choose the speed in which the animation occurs.

We’re taking it one step further in our next release and you’ll be able to set a delay and/or repeat an animation. A button can then always be moving, or appear after other content has loaded.


Advance Page on Click

While this post has shown our love for buttons, there might be a situation where you’d prefer not to use a button at all to move users to the next page. Our next release includes a new feature called “Advance Page on Click.” This new feature will mean a user will be able to click anywhere on the page to continue to the next page. You’ll be able to set this per page or globally. With this setting on, the button will be removed from the page and the whole page will be clickable!


Although it’s easy to change the style of a button in SnapApp, we realize the hardest part can be creating the file to upload for it. Da Button Factory is a great site that lets you design a button with numerous formatting options and then download it for free.

In addition, there are articles specifically on button settings in the SnapApp Knowledge Base.

Hopefully this post has given you some tips and tricks to make your buttons pop! Now, go have some fun!

Want more tips and tricks for amazing interactive content design? Check out our Design DIY Webinar!

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