Does Your Digital Engagement Make the Grade?

August 27, 2012 | SnapApp Marketing

Marketers want to get engaged? digitally speaking. The million dollar question isn’t ?how many eyeballs are we in front of? anymore, it’s ?how many interactions have we generated?? As the online experience gets more and more social, brands will see more and more value from letting their audience do the talking. To facilitate this kind of word of mouth marketing success, however, it takes engagement, and to achieve engagement, marketers need to have a healthy mix of strategies, tactics and general knowhow. Nevertheless, marketers often miss out on many of the benefits of healthy engagement programs by assuming all the necessary pieces are in place. If only there were a quick way to evaluate your marketing efforts and score how these programs are driving engagement?

Enter the Engagement Grader. This SnapApp powered tool asks you key questions about your engagement programs to analyze how effective your marketing efforts really are. Centering around the three main components of engagement – content, involvement, and fan acquisition – the grader will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses and improve your overall engagement score.

What’s more, the data from the Engagement Grader will be used to not only help the individuals who take the quiz, but also internet marketers in general. Already, we’ve been able to glean some pretty compelling trends. For example, from nearly 200 respondents to date, 72% are consistently active on Facebook, 69% on Twitter, yet approximately 40% report regularly seeing no audience reactions (likes, tweets, retweets, comments, etc.) for the content they post. Even though marketers are getting on board with social media, clearly, driving engagement is still a challenge.

Are you ready to get engaged? Get your grade today and you may qualify for a personal engagement analysis from the SnapApp team. For more information ?check out some of our other materials, or feel free to contact us directly!

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