Evaluating Social Promotion Platforms: 6 Signs of Life to Consider

October 3, 2012 | SnapApp Marketing

Social media is not about technology, it’s about life! No matter how sophisticated the technology may be behind a social promotion provider, if there’s no life behind the curtain, the company is doing a disservice to itself and its customers.

When considering social promotion tools, it’s important to be sure the company you choose will bring life and energy into the interactions and engagements you’re hoping to achieve. For all social promotion platforms, here are six vital signs common to thriving entities.


For living organisms, there is always a framework – even basic single-celled amoebas have specialized parts within them. For effective social organizations, there needs to be signs of similarly specialized components or channels.

Is the heart the homepage, blog, or another online outpost? Do channels like Twitter or Pinterest circulate nutritious content?

If a social promotion solution is viable, there will be clear signs of organization and specialization. When a company is flat-lining, however, it may often be because all channels are performing the same function and canceling each other out.  


Social promotion companies, like all organisms, require energy. Whether it’s content, new followers, or interactions, something needs to be taken in and something needs to go out.

When social businesses aren’t breathing or taking in energy from the social ecosystem around them, it usually appears as highly self-referential content or communications. The life-force of social media channels is the shared connection with other people.

Social promotion companies live and die by the success of their clients and communities, so there needs to be signs of energy going to and coming from customers and connections.  

Growth and Development

Becoming an effective social promotion provider, like anything in life, takes time and experience. The difference between successful social companies and those that flounder isn’t that the successful grok social right away; it’s that they’re able to grow into maturity and continually develop new and better offerings.

It can be as simple as a steady, natural growth in followers, or a regular cadence of new product launches or programs, but solid social companies don’t just aim to get by – they grow with intent to thrive.

Response to Stimuli

Social media is not the place for one-way broadcasts. When customers, prospects, or the general public poke, prod, message, tweet, send smoke signals, etc. to a company, that company must respond in some way to show that it’s alive.

If a company is touting its ability to drive online engagements, it only makes sense that the company itself knows and shows what to do when engagements do happen.  


Life is unpredictable, and unless a company is using Twitter bots or fake Facebook accounts, social companies are subject to life’s unpredictability – the bots are just predictably lifeless.

When the unexpected happens, however, thriving companies adapt to changes and endure. Whether that means expanding to new channels, engaging with new people, or reacting to online criticism, solid social media businesses are able to take unpredictable challenges in stride and become stronger from the experience.  


Any successful species alive or dead has never been a one-and- done. In nature, success is measured by the ability to persist and reproduce from generation to generation. Success in social media is no different – useful content, beneficial collaborations, innovative tactics and more do not just fade out once their purpose is served. When companies are thriving in social media, their efforts expand, reproduce, and give more life to the efforts of other people, personalities and brands online.

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