Expand Your Reach with In-News Feed Q&A

Expand Your Reach with In-News Feed Q&A

According to a study conducted by comScore, 27% of user engagement on Facebook comes from interaction with the news feed - the largest percentage of time-spent of any type of Facebook content. But that's not all they found; in fact, users are 40 to 150 times more likely to engage with a brand's content if it is on their news feed rather than that respective brand's Facebook Page itself. This is why posting relevant and insightful content to your brand Page is vital to expanding your reach on this social channel. When posting content to your brand's profile page, be cognizant of the message that you are sending - what are the lengths of your status updates? Do they feature an eye-catching image or a question? Are you offering something to your users and are you posting frequently? These are all very important questions and assist in determining whether or not the content that you are posting, and that subsequently ends up in your users' news feeds, is thoughtful, clear, and most importantly, engaging. With SnapApp, stimulating user engagement from within the news feed is made simple - simply opt to have in-news feed questions and answers. Please see the example below:  

After building a SnapApp and deploying it to your Facebook page, your followers will automatically receive the status update in their news feed. With in-news feed Q&A, users are not only able to view the first question of your Facebook quiz, poll, survey, or personality test, they are able to click on one of the links within that status update as well. This one click directs them to the SnapApp page itself, providing users with a quick and easy experience. The reason why in-news feed Q&A is so compelling is that it allows users to engage with your content without having to navigate to your brand page. Take a peek at the quick video below to see how SnapApp's in-news feed Q&A works!


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