Experience “Content Land: An Interactive Quest” [Infographic]

Experience “Content Land: An Interactive Quest” [Infographic]


Remember board games? They were those games that were played on foldable squares or rectangles often on tabletops or floors, and with actual tangible pieces.  

They were great, right? Why am I using the past tense? Board games are still great, and have luckily survived into the 21st century, though not at the household mainstay they once were.

Remember closets like these from The Royal Tenenbaums? (Minus the character tension).




Board games are still beloved because they offer unique experiences. They’re engaging, demand attention and focus; they take you through a narrative journey with your fellow players, and produce a final result.  

Many timeless board games have made the adaptation to the digital format. Scrabble, Yahtzee, and Risk come first into mind, and still provide their unique style of play.

At SnapApp, we think your marketing must offer a similar experience. No longer is it enough to just produce more of the same – not yet another white paper, probably a PDF, with a lead gate thrown in front. Sound familiar?

Audiences want new content formats that allow them to more personally engage and participate with the brand. And marketing and sales teams want more insights from their prospects to identify the very best, faster. We have to break free of the lead-gated PDF as the primary lead-gen tool in order to deliver on both fronts.  

This is where interactive content bridges the gap. To showcase how interactive experiences can work for you, we created “Content Land: An Interactive Quest.

How can interactive content work for you? Play Content Land: An Interactive Quest and find out!Tweet: How can interactive content work for you? Play Content Land: An Interactive Quest and find out! http://ctt.ec/AsRuB+ @snapapp

Think you have what it takes to get to the finish line without getting stuck on PDF Island or Molasses Leads Swamp?

Throughout your journey, you’ll learn:

  • Why static content is struggling
  • What interactive content can do
  • How to add interactive into your campaigns
  • What this means for marketing automation
  • How this impacts your sales goals

So get started now, we think you’ll have fun!  

Play Content Land: An Interactive Quest


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