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August 31, 2015 | Dan Trefethen

One of the content marketing industry’s biggest and most important events is right around the corner, and the whole team here at SnapApp is pretty darn excited. This will be my first visit to CMW, and I’m looking forward to meeting some of my content marketing idols, brainstorming with other content creators, and getting inspired with a few belly-laughs from Nick Offerman.

Meeting of the Minds

Content marketing can get a little lonely. Many of us spend our days heads down, writing our latest ebook or researching a new interactive infographic, without much opportunity to share ideas and inspiration with fellow content marketers.

That’s why so many of us love CMW. Because it’s the biggest gathering of content marketers every year, we get to hang out and geek out with all our fellow content nerds. Whether during the breakout sessions or over a cup of coffee and a fruit plate, we share ideas, challenges, insights, and questions. We might be exposed to ideas and approaches we’d never thought of before, which we can bring back to our own teams and companies to build stronger, more engaging content programs.

What’s Your Brilliant Idea?

With more the 25 tracks, dozens of sessions, and so many after parties I can’t keep track, there are so many opportunities to be struck by your next brilliant idea. This year, the marketer’s I’ve talked to are focusing on tying content to business results – and there are a bunch of sessions around building a results-focused content strategy and structuring reporting to show content impact that I’m excited to attend.

If you’re looking for a brand new idea for tying content to results, I hope you’ll consider stopping by the SnapApp booth. We’d love to show you how marketers just like you are using interactive content not only to engage their audience, but to deliver concrete business results. It might be just the brilliant idea your content program needs!

Come visit us at Booth #33 — and in the meantime, take our assessment to find out which member of the Intergalactic Marketing Team you are!  

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And geek out with us at our rooftop party on Wednesday from 6-9pm! 

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