HBO Releases Awesome Interactive Content Campaign to Promote Game of Thrones

HBO Releases Awesome Interactive Content Campaign to Promote Game of Thrones

Right in the thick of a very polarizing election season, HBO has introduced an additional party for voters: the “GOT Party.” The party is made up of four strong candidates in Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow, Cersei Lannister, and Petyr Baelish, and their running mates. All  candidates have quite different campaign messaging, and are all very much in a race of their own to rule over Westeros.

Complete with an official “We Are The GOT Party” website, HBO is using a very playful and audience-engaging approach to promote the DVD and pay streaming of its recent season 6.



Only a few days into the campaign, and fans are eating it up. I know the majority of the marketing team here at SnapApp has all voted, though for whom has been kept quiet.

HBO has been promoting the campaign on social with very active and user-focused CTAs like “it’s time to choose your alliance” and “vote now & show your support” that are made possible through a medium like interactive content.

The GOT site has already received almost 1.5 million votes at time of writing.




Ever present throughout the site are opportunities to buy season 6 through a variety of means, highlighting the diverse ways viewers prefer their content.

Users are encouraged to click around and explore the site, viewing campaign material like one-minute video reels, and “platform” stances for each candidate.

Below is a few foundational stances that Daenerys Targaryen, Breaker of Chains, is promoting to win your vote.




The promotional campaign is quite a robust experience delivered by HBO, allowing maximum user participation for both entertainment sake, and further advertising. Six different share images are offered for fans to spread through their networks as well as GOT Party shirts.




Capitalizing on our current political maelstrom, HBO took a very audience-focused promotion approach and had fun with it. Instead of merely blasting the web with links to buy season 6, they offered their widespread fans a unique and topical experience that allows them to participate with their content. 

Before you go cast your vote and start chants of “The King in the North!” definitely explore the site and drink in all the details HBO added to make this a great interactive experience.

Perhaps even before that, you should learn a little bit about yourself by using your marketing strategy to figure out which Game of Thrones house you belong to!



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