HCSS’s SnapApp Bracket Challenge Featured in Fortune Magazine

HCSS’s SnapApp Bracket Challenge Featured in Fortune Magazine

Dan Trefethen 5/2/16

Exciting news! On April 30th Fortune Magazine published a feature article on Heavy Construction Systems Specialist’s (HCSS) brilliant bracket marketing campaign that was created with SnapApp.

Read “Here Are the Best Construction Projects in America” at Fortune Magazine!

The Most Interesting Project Bracket Challenge is a key part of HCSS's I Build America campaign that highlights amazing construction projects all throughout America.


For the bracket challenge, the HCSS team gathered submissions from across their customer base using a simple contest built in SnapApp, then organized the projects in two brackets, allowing winners to advance based on voting. The team was overwhelmed to receive 117 unique projects from 87 companies in the U.S. and Canada.

Other standout stats from the campaign, which recently won the Stevie Award for Online Marketing Campaign of the Year, include:

  • 292,000 votes
  • 800% increase in overall web visitor traffic
  • 12x shorter sales cycle

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