How B2B Marketers Are Using Interactive Video [Infographic]

How B2B Marketers Are Using Interactive Video [Infographic]

interactive video infographic

Did you see “The Social Network”? Remember that scene with Justin Timberlake as the founder of Napster, giving advice to a young Mark Zuckerberg? 

JT lets Mark in on an industry secret: “A million dollars isn’t cool. You know what’s cool?” The film cuts to Andrew Garfield’s character finishing his sentence during a deposition: “A billion dollars." 

At the risk of sounding as cliched as Sean Parker, let me say this: engaging video content isn’t cool. 

You know what’s cool? Interactive video. 

Unlike Mr. Parker, I’m not claiming interactive video is cool just because I say it is. It’s “cool” because it gets serious results for marketers. 

Modern marketers need to look past engagement and all the way into results. Yes, video content is engaging – but do you know if it’s working? Are you using engagement to learn more about your audience? Can you ask and answer prospect questions in the content itself? 

With interactive video, you can. 

Brightcove and DemandMetric teamed up to survey more than 500 marketers about their use of interactive video. What they found is staggering: take a look at our interactive infographic to find out how B2B marketers are winning with interactive video.


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