How Clean Data Impacts Your Lead Scoring Program

June 16, 2015 | Guest Post

Amanda Nelson, Director of Marketing at RingLead

Even the most organized lead scoring program is doomed to fail without clean, quality data. Dirty data lives within your existing database, and will continue to infiltrate your system as your contact data decays.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American worker changes jobs about every 4.5 years. They get promoted, or terminated, or they simply get a better offer elsewhere. That translates to about 1.85% monthly change at each company. If your customers are in Silicon Valley, the rate of change is much steeper, at 7.69%. Note that some in management positions may not change roles as often.

Here’s a summary of the data in your CRM that’s likely to change over time for each prospect.

  • Change in title/promotion
  • Change in working location
  • Change of phone number
  • Add mobile phone number
  • Change of department
  • Change of area code
  • Change of email format
  • Change in email domain
  • Change in company name
  • Change in company website
  • Merger or acquisition

Overall, about 12% of your data, on average, will change each year. As just one example, 75 phone numbers change every 30 minutes.

However, with knowledge, planning and technology, you can clean your existing data, and ensure the new data is clean as well. Here are some helpful data quality tips.

1. Continuously generate new leads – ensuring that you’ve always got a fresh cache of good Leads is the oxygen in your database.

2. Use an application to remove and prevent duplicate Leads – Duplicate Leads don’t just cause confusion and inefficiency – they also derail reporting by associating data with the wrong Leads, Contacts and Opportunities.

3. Update existing leads – Data cleanup applications can be directed at segments of your database to bring Leads up to date with new job titles, phone numbers and other vital data. These tools make it possible for your team to reconnect with Leads that might otherwise be lost.

Once you have clean data, it’s time to get started building your lead scoring program. Check out the infographic below, created in partnership with RingLead, to get started on lead scoring at your organization.

How to Set Up Lead Scoring [Interactive Infographic]
How would you refer to your lead scoring program?



present, but ineffective

could be stronger

doing pretty well


Which actions do you include in your lead scoring program?

Select all that apply.

Visited pricing page

Contacted Sales

Signed up for the blog


Downloaded awareness-level content

Attended a conference session

Are your sales and marketing teams aligned on lead handoff criteria and procedures?





Do you wish you had better/more data to score and nurture leads?


I would do anything for better data!

Well, only if it’s not too much work.

Not at all, I have all the data I need.
How do you use content to support your lead scoring program?

Select all that apply.

Detailed buyer information collected through interactive content

Tracking content downloads by buyer’s journey stage

Number/frequency of offer downloads

Viewing data from video content

Bad data impacts lead scoring. How clean do you think your database is?


I’m supposed to clean it?

It was clean a month ago…

Squeaky clean!

Amanda Nelson is Director of Marketing at RingLead where she leads the content marketing strategy and execution. She has spent the last three years in content marketing and community management at and Radian6, and has a background in account management for interactive and full service advertising agencies.

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