How These 2 Companies Got More Qualified Leads with Interactive Content

June 7, 2018 | Kaleigh Moore

In a world where marketers are constantly being asked for more, how do you resist the urge to send over every Maybe-Qualified-Lead to sales to hit your numbers?

The answer: Because, ultimately, it doesn’t work for marketing OR sales.

So now you’re stuck. Or are you?

While marketers aren’t getting more hours in a day or unlimited resources to support our skyrocketing lead and revenue goals, some have figured out the answer to meet ever-increasing expectations: deliver quality instead of quantity.

According to MarketingSherpa, 61% of B2B marketers send all leads directly to sales, while only 27% of those leads will actually be qualified.

Read on to explore how Paycor and Blackbaud used interactive content powered campaigns qualify leads and drive impressive results.


Paycor Case Study


When Paycor, a multi-service software solution, wanted to find ways to qualify leads faster, all while boosting first-time appointments, and increasing revenue, so they looked to interactive content to help them reach their goals.

And reach their goals they did. Deploying a variety of content formats across multiple channels, they were able to achieve:

  • 3,700 responses in 90 days

  • 2.7x return in less than six months

  • 25x ROI after nine months

And that’s not all. When the Paycor team looked back at the revenue produced from digital marketing between May and July, they found that a whopping 23% came from these interactive materials.

So what made this specific strategy so successful?

Paycor developed a campaign built around interactive assets that allow prospects to qualify themselves by answer questions in exchange for information that corresponded to their pain points.

They attacked this campaign effort with two different strategies:

1. Interactive Content for Leads at Different Stages

Rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach, Paycor built out interactive assets that collected sales qualifying information at different stages of the buyer journey to qualify and disqualify prospects more quickly and focus on the right leads. There was content best suited for brand new visitors, mid-funnel prospects, and ideal customers (Super MQLs.)

For example: This interactive calculator helped provide value to the middle of the funnel leads while also providing Paycor more detailed prospect information. The goal of content at this stage was to educate and to make a case for their solution – not necessarily straight to a hard sales pitch.

61% of B2B marketers send all leads directly to sales, while only 27% of those leads will be qualifiedTweet: 61% of B2B marketers send all leads directly to sales, while only 27% of those leads will be qualified @snap_app



In comparison, bottom of the funnel leads were presented with more sales-oriented interactive content, like this solution-finder assessment, that continued to collect sales qualifying information like amount of employees. A more specific, needs-oriented piece of content like this is better suited for the lead who’s ready to find a solution and just needs pointing in the right direction–and you can ask more pointed questions with trust already built throughout the funnel.



The common theme in all of the interactive content they produced was that it provided value to the visitor, while also giving Paycor the important insights it needed to properly score and prioritize leads.

2. Distribution Through Various Channels

The other aspect that made Paycor’s qualification efforts through interactive content so successful was the fact that it was distributed with a cross-channel distribution plan. Using email, paid media, social, and their website/microsite, Paycor was able to get in front of relevant audiences with this compelling, engaging material.

For example: In one PPC campaign, Paycor promoted an interactive calculator that related to information on DOL regulations.



In an email, they also promoted this calculator – but with a more detailed message and a clear CTA button.


Overall, these campaigns produced extremely worthwhile results. These campaigns built around interactive assets beat the expectations for creating first-time appointments as well as those for revenue because they allowed Paycor to understand who the right leads were to be focusing on by collecting qualifying information.

Next, let’s look at what results Blackbaud saw from creating their own interactive-content-powered campaigns.

Blackbaud Case Study

Blackbaud, a cloud-based software company for nonprofits, was looking for a new way to engage buyers and collect qualifying information that could be seamlessly delivered to their existing marketing automation and CRM integrations.

By creating conversations with prospects through interactive content, they were able to achieve incredible results, including:

  • 500+ qualified leads

  • 133% Q1 quota reached

  • $600K+ additional revenue

  • 56% conversion rate

How’d they do it?

By creating two calculators and an assessment as part of their larger campaign called “Realize Real Results.” They encouraged organizations to imagine how results produced by current Blackbaud customers could impact their programs, all while collecting qualifying information that told them who the right leads were.

So what made these efforts work so well?

These pieces of interactive content put the user in the driver seat and allowed them to come to their own conclusions, all while being educated about Blackbaud’s value proposition.


Through their interactive assets like “Save 20 Minutes” and “Increase Annual Giving by 20%”, the user was able to recognize current gaps in service or efficiency improvements that could translate to big changes within their organizations, all while sharing information

Each piece of content was also mapped directly to their marketing automation and CRM so that as prospects give data to get value, their interactive content became a powerful sales enablement tool. This was possible because questions that are normally covered in an inefficient discovery call with sales is already accessible thanks to interactive content connecting to marketing automation.

As a result, the sales team finished 184% ahead of their quota for March – which had never happened before. Along with the more than $600K in additional sales made during this quarter, it’s not surprising that Blackbaud is investing in more interactive content driven campaigns moving forward.

Major Takeaways

From these case studies we can see how using interactive content allows marketers to ask questions throughout campaigns in a way that creates a two-way value exchange that creates real positive impacts.

While we can’t magically create more hours in a day or snap our fingers and increase our budgets, we can lean on content tools like interactive to work smarter.

By asking sales qualifying questions throughout your campaigns with interactive content you can stop wondering if the pool of leads you are looking at are actually a good fit for your company and instead, just ask them!

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