How Confident Marketers Are Using Interactive Content to Build Multi-Touch Campaigns

February 25, 2016 | snap_press | Link


We all want to feel confident in our marketing, but lately “confident” has meant sticking with the status quo. As Tim Riesterer mentioned in his C2C 2016 keynote, our buyers are more comfortable sticking with what they know than taking the risk of trying something new.

That’s the same for us. Tell me about a recent campaign you’ve run or been a part of – let me guess, it involved a long-form piece of content like a white paper, benchmark report, ebook, or something related to your thought leadership. Let me take another wild guess: you were super pumped about it so you sent it out in emails, did some paid media, and promoted it out for as long as you could. 

Your Campaigns Today

This is what a lot of B2B campaigns look like today. We spend months working on the perfect piece of content and then we throw it behind a landing page and hope the value of our content draw our prospects in.

What we forget about is the experience. For our prospects, they see a billion “Download Now” and “Read Now” CTAs in emails and then they get to a page where they have 6 fields (or more!!!) to fill out before they finally get that content. 

And the content? It’s long-form, so we’re talking about a time commitment. Do you know whether they read the piece of content or if it’s still sitting on their desktop?

Probably not. 

Confident Campaigns for Confident Marketers

Moving from our own status quo to engage our audience is easier than you think. It starts with two core principles: 

  1. Create lots of diverse content
  2. Create content for every stage of the buying journey

Diverse Content

When we create lots of TYPES of content: white papers, blogs, webinars, assessments, calculators, surveys, etc., we provide our audience with options. They can pick the type of content that resonates with them. Don’t have an hour to sit on a webinar? Try a 10 minute assessment. Bored of the 40 page white paper? Try an ROI calculator.

Develop content that fits your audience’s content needs, not your own.

Content For Every Stage

Of course, when you create lots of content, you should be thinking about the goals of each piece. Is this meant to help someone as they are becoming aware of what you do? Or are you helping them learn how your solution is different? Or is the piece meant to be shared to convince someone to buy?


Identify which stage of the buyer’s journey your content is for and then make sure you have options at each stage.

So you mentioned interactive content in the title…

Wait a minute – when am I going to get to the good stuff? At C2C, I gave an entire talk about creating these kinds of campaigns using interactive content. 

Confident marketers are choosing interactive content to increase their demand and create amazing content experiences.

Let’s go back to basics: your core white paper. This pillar piece of content is wonderful, but it’s time consuming (for you and your reader). I like to think of it as a big piece of tuna. So break it down into bite-sized pieces of content for your audience who doesn’t have a lot of time. AKA: SUSHI!!! Who doesn’t love sushi?


By breaking up your core piece of content, you’ll have:

  1. More content = more touchpoints
  2. More touchpoints = more lead scoring
  3. More lead scoring = more knowledge on where they are in their buyer’s journey
  4. More knowledge = more relevant content
  5. More relevant content = wins for you and your audience

This is what we want. We want to create multi-touch campaignsInteractive content happens to be a content type that allows you the flexibility and ease to create longer, more relevant campaigns. You can lead your prospects down a journey and collect information on them in a fun and interesting way.

Suddenly you’ll find that with an interactive content platform like SnapApp, you can drag and drop the images and information from your white paper into content types that convert and capture lead information.

Ready to see if you’re ready to move from tuna and tuna steaks to sushi? Find out!

Are you ready for interactive content?
Which of the following content types does your team create per month?

Select all that apply

Blog posts


Case studies

White papers




Other interactive content
Do you have enough content to fill out your nurture streams and drip campaigns?

Some content, but not enough to segment carefully

More or less

Absolutely! Tons of content for all stages and buyer personas
Your content conversion rates on landing pages are:

Not great

Meeting expectations

What marketing automation system do you use?









You’re building out your content program and perhaps not quite hitting your conversion targets – now is a great time to experiment with small interactive touches.

When you’re ready to take your interactive game to the next level, you’ll want to think about how it fits into all your demand gen programs.


Now is the perfect time to get started with interactive content. You have a strong base of core content and are looking for ways to get your audience more engaged and boost conversion.

Kick your marketing into high gear by layering interactivity into all your existing campaigns and programs.


You’re creating a ton of great content and getting amazing results. You might already even be creating interactive content!

Make sure you’re getting the most out of the content you’re creating by layering interactivity into all your existing campaigns and programs.


Tell us what pieces of content you can repurpose in the comments! 



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