How to Design a SnapApp Without a Graphic Designer: 4 Easy Steps

How to Design a SnapApp Without a Graphic Designer: 4 Easy Steps

We’ve heard it many times before.

My design team is totally slammed. I’m not a designer myself, so where should I start? How do I design my content to match my brand?

Let’s de-mystify the design process a little bit. In this day and age, there are tons of great tools out there to help non-designers create gorgeous content. Thus, creating a beautiful, results-generating SnapApp shouldn’t be that far out of reach for the tech-savvy marketer.

In this post, we’ll break a polished SnapApp down into some core design components that we’ve created on our own, with minimal design savvy, showcasing some free (or very cheap) tools you can use to do the same. We’ll start by creating a new survey with no theme, which looks something like this.

First, Find Your Brand

There’s probably a style guide around somewhere, right? But is it the right version? This likely sounds familiar, because unless you’re a designer, you’re probably a few steps removed from the most recent version of your company’s style guide.

Two free tools we find immensely useful for figuring out brand guidelines are Fontface Ninja and Colorpick Eyedropper. You can install these tools directly to your browser, load your company’s home page, and grab all the fonts and colors you’ll need to create a fully branded SnapApp. For our survey, we’ve used them to pull in styling for the question and lead form text.


Second, Upload a Clean Background

You don’t need anything crazy here, just something to nicely layer underneath your app in a way that doesn’t make it difficult for the audience to engage with its content. Two great background aesthetics you can use for your SnapApps are simple patterns and stock photography.  

For simple patterns, check out Canva. They’ve got a great selection of stock patterns you can use for backgrounds that are either free or dirt cheap to use. Simply create a new image that’s the same size as your SnapApp, add a background to it from the backgrounds tab, and download as a PNG. Here’s one we added to our new app.

For stock photography, we here at SnapApp are pretty fond of Unsplash. On that site you’ll find an incredible collection of imagery, all free to use courtesy of their generous contributors. Search around the site to find something you like, or use their collections to find groups of photos that match the aesthetic you’re going for.

Third, Add Some Iconography

Iconography is a great way to make questions and results stand out in a SnapApp. Icons can be tricky to brand, however, because they come in a color you can’t change. This is where Illustrio can help out. This platform has a huge collection of stock iconography that can be instantly customized per your brand colors. We created a few to use as answer images for our survey.

Lastly, Buttons

The last piece of the puzzle is buttons. You’ll need some button images for your lead form and content pages, for this example we’ll stick with  next and submit buttons. Two fast and easy tools non-designers can use to create buttons are Da Button Factory (yes, that’s actually its name) and Button Optimizer. You can take a look at how our buttons turned out in the screenshots below.

All you need to do now is add your logo and complete the rest of your survey. Always remember the key to great design and usability is simplicity. Take an outcome (in our case, generating better leads), and figure out the most efficient way to get your user to it in a way that matches your brand.


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