How Ecova Expanded a Campaign and Pre-Qualified New Leads With Interactive Content

June 12, 2015 | Dan Trefethen

This week we’re highlighting an assessment created by Ecova – an energy and sustainability management company which offers resource optimization solutions to help customers see more, save more, and sustain more.

The Challenge

Ecova’s mission is to help their customers understand their energy usage and find ways to optimize. They designed their Good Utility Data campaign with infographics, blog posts, webinars, videos and eBooks to bring attention to the problems surrounding bad utility data and offer solutions. They were looking for a way to get more mileage out of their campaign, as well as gathering more information about their prospects’ utility data management practices.

The Solutionecova.png

They decided to repurpose an existing assessment into a SnapApp quiz: “Good Utility Drives Good Decisions”, a short and compelling assessment to let consumers know if they were on the right track to getting good utility data. This allowed Ecova to communicate with consumers on a personal level by offering tailored results based on the answers that consumers gave, as well as collecting more data on potential leads.

The Results

The questions asked in the assessment enabled Ecova to dramatically shorten their lead qualification timeline and prioritize hot leads for the sales process. So far, they’ve converted 33% of new leads into opportunities, with a much-shortened sales cycle.

ecova 2.png

The assessment is featured on their Good Utility Data campaign landing page, and offers a differentiated call-to-action alongside the related campaign assets to capture a wider range of Ecova’s target audience.

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