How To Generate 3,189 Leads With 4 Pieces of Interactive Content

November 13, 2015 | Dan Trefethen

Creating content that gets your audience excited, inspired, and delighted is a huge challenge for today’s marketers. There’s just so much content out there – how can we stand out?

Connecting with your audience as people is a good place to start. If you know what your audience really cares about and what will genuinely put a smile on their face, you’re well on your way to designing the kind of content that will engage them.

Penton’s Design Engineering group knew their audience to a T, and developed a powerful campaign that was fun for everyone involved – and drove some pretty impressive results. Read on to find out how they pulled it off.

The Challenge: Meeting Goals While Keeping it Fun

Penton’s Design Engineering group was looking for a way to engage current contacts as well as add new contacts to their database. There were a number of different paths Penton could have traveled to achieve that goal, but they wanted to process to be fun for all contacts.

The Solution: A Nostalgia Contest

To do that, Penton asked the audience “Which STEM starter kit, model or tool got you hooked on engineering as a career?”

The team designed a four-round tournament pairing different toys against each other. Two of the four rounds were sponsored by clients, who received exposure, brand awareness, and all lead submissions. For contacts, they had the opportunity to win one of twenty STEM-related prizes.

Round one consisted of 4 different matchups, with four toys in each matchup. Contacts had to select their top two choices for each matchup. Round two consisted of four matchups of two toys per matchup. Round three consisted of two matchups of two toys per matchup. The final round was a faceoff between the two most popular toys – LEGOs and the Heathkit Crystal Radio.

STEM Starter Tournament
Vote for your 2 favorites below:

Erector Set/Meccano


Tinker Toys/Lincoln Logs

Vote for your 2 favorites below:


Soldering Iron/Electrician’s Tools


Vote for your 2 favorites below:

Chemistry Lab/Kit

Heathkit/Crystal Radio

Remote Control Vehicles

Robotic Kit/Robotic Arm
Vote for your 2 favorites below:

Rubik’s cube

Play Doh/Clay

Matchbox cars/Hot wheels

Balsa wood rubber band planes/kites

Title of Your Survey Goes Here
ROUND 1 – Toys
ROUND 1 – Construction and Building
ROUND 1 – Tools
ROUND 1 – Kits and Labs
20 Lucky Winners: 5 highest scores win choice of Raspberry Pi2 Complete Starter Kits or a $50 Amazon gift card, plus a STEM Starter T-Shirt and a STEM basket filled with assortment of toys, kits and models; 15 next highest scores win a STEM Starter T-Shirt. You Need to Enter to Win!

At the end of each quiz, contestants were sent to a lead gen form consisting of only their email address. A button directed the contact to continue to finish the lead gen process in Eloqua. This was done so that contacts who participated in all four rounds did not have to enter their complete contact details each time. As contacts were cookied in Eloqua, the Eloqua form pre-populated their details. (Note: With SnapApp’s new advanced Eloqua integration, this type of cookie-ing behavior is possible without directing to an external Eloqua form. Cool!)

The Results: Seriously Staggering

The tournament was promoted via email, newsletter ads, web ads, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube across all the six Design Engineering brands.

The results for the four rounds were staggering:

  • 806,464 total impressions (across all promotion sources)
  • 7,555 total votes, with 1,889 average unique votes per week
  • 3,189 total unique leads generated – of these, 876 leads (27.5%) were new to the database
  • 1,564 YouTube Views

The SnapApps Penton used for this campaign saw impressive metrics of their own:

  • 11,718 impressions
  • 75.32% average click rate (SnapApp customer average: 30%)
  • 89.77% average question completion rate (SnapApp customer average: 80%)
  • 86.31% lead sign up rate (SnapApp customer average: 45%)

“SnapApp gave us the ability to easily, and more importantly quickly, create a fun, engaging quiz that appealed to all contacts in our database,” said a representative from Penton. “It also allowed for detailed tracking of the answers which minimized the time required for us to determine the winners.”

Want to create an engaging contest for your audience? Get a demo!

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