The Quiz Factor: How MarketingProfs Used Spirit Animals to Drive Event Booth Traffic

January 10, 2018 | Dan Trefethen

A universal motive of all organizations sponsoring an event is to get event attendees to their booth. That’s goal number one.


Goal number two is to keep these booth visitors attention long enough to have a little bit of a conversation, to impart some awareness about what you do and why it matters.


And then the real trifecta is completed if you can actually learn a few things about these booth visitors – things like name, position title, and what their biggest interests and struggles are.


At the 2017 B2B Marketing Forum, MarketingProfs accomplished all three of these goals by adding some spirit to their booth approach.


What’s your marketing spirit animal?


It may seem like a silly, trivial question to ask attendees, but when you’re going from session to session, consuming information, and surrounded by fellow  professionals doing the same thing, silly and trivial can be a desired respite.


And this is what MarketingProfs was looking to tap into for their booth presence. How do we get people talking about our booth, and get them engaged with us for longer than a 10 second “hello”?




They made an interactive assessment that asked event attendees nine questions. Based on their answers, they received a marketing spirit animal.


The key to the stragey is that throughout the questions, MarketingProfs was able to learn participant data like:


Marketing Focus and Level




Top Priority




And Top Interest




The event tactic was a big success, generating significantly more foot traffic and key follow-up data than past attendances.


To learn more about the ideation and strategy process behind “What’s Your Marketing Spirit Animal?” We interviewed the person who conceived the idea, Jenn Gleckman, PRO and Marketing Manager at MarketingProfs.


Read the Interview With Jenn Below


1. Describe a little bit more about your assessment: Which Marketing Spirit Animal Are You?

This was an assessment designed to identify a marketer’s spirit animal based on marketing topics. We wanted to tie it back to marketing in a way that fits our brand and tone. For those not familiar with MarketingProfs, we’re serious about marketing, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We wanted to deliver an event experience that stayed true to who we are. A non-serious quiz fit the bill.


2. What was the goal of this piece of content?


Really, the goal of this was to encourage B2B Marketing Forum attendees to visit our booth and learn more about MarketingProfs. The survey let us to do just that, as each spirit animal was tied to one of our marketing courses, along with the idea that we focus on helping people learn.


We were positioned next to the ChirpE photo booth, so we provided attendees with props and spirit animal hats and encouraged them to take a photo with their spirit animal. And share it, of course!


3. How did you come up with the idea?


We were brainstorming borderline silly quiz or survey ideas for the booth, and I threw the spirit animal idea out there, not realizing we’d already done a version of this in the past with another client. Identifying spirit animalswas the hardest part. I really wanted to find a way to include both a unicorn and a Bengal tiger. Alas, they did not work out.  


4. What was the general reception of the piece during the event? Did you see a difference in booth interaction from previous experiences?


Definitely. Booth traffic was significantly higher this year as a result, which was a pleasant surprise considering our booth was in a less visible spot than last year. Booth visitors really enjoyed the quiz, and as the event went on, the photo booth piece also gained popularity. I think that for the latter people felt less inhibited once they saw others rocking silly animal hats and mugging for the camera. Also, when people saw a line at our booth, they became curious and stopped by to learn more.


5. Do you have any plans on how the data collected from the content will help either your sales team or marketing team?


The quiz gave us a clearly segmented list based on the animals. We plan to use that data in future campaigns.


6. In general, how do you think others could use interactive content at events? Why do you think it’s effective?


Interactive content is useful at events because it’s interactive. While that sounds obvious, it’s less intimidating for someone to visit a vendor’s booth to do something (hopefully fun/interesting/educational) than to just talk to a sales rep. Yes, it may result in some unqualified leads, but who knows, some of those leads may eventually become qualified.


Savvy companies using interactive content at events will find a way to weave in the fun with an educational message about who they are, why they matter, and why a prospect should care.


Look, if I don’t know anything about your company, or if I don’t think your company has a product or service I need right now (or if I get the impression you’re going to hard-sell me), I’m likely to not check out your booth. However, if you have interactive content that’s interesting or relevant, it gives me more reason to visit.


Think of it as a version of WIIFM. Learning about your product? Not so much. Taking a quiz that identifies my writing personality? Definitely!


Bonus points if you have fun swag (or mimosas!) for me.


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