How Pardot Customers Use SnapApp to Drive Better Marketing Results

April 5, 2017 | SnapApp Marketing

All the commotion you’re hearing about interactive marketing is real. Buyer’s want more of it and marketers are increasingly adopting the medium.

If you’re using Pardot as your marketing automation solution, you’re a big step in the right direction. With a marketing automation platform already in place, interactive content can significantly boost many layers of your techstack.

Don’t take it from us, hear from fellow Pardot customers who are optimizing their Pardot with interactive content.


It’s more than just an easy way to help us create content, SnapApp provides an outlet to gather information to help us create better content to support our sales team and meet our lead qualification goals.

-Michael Lovett, Demand Programs Specialist at Hyland, a Pardot and SnapApp customer


Because of interactive content, we are able to have a better conversation with our customers right from the beginning, and accelerate our sales cycle.

-John Westby, Director of Digital Marketing at SilkRoad, a Pardot and SnapApp customer


We had an overwhelmingly positive response to our SnapApp quiz on the show floor, with almost everyone who passed by stopping to participate. It also gave our booth staff a way to ease into their conversations… With this information, we could trigger a custom autoresponder that reflected their [quiz answers], included a link to our Pardot and RXBAR success story, and provided a discount on future RXBAR purchases.

The application extends well beyond live shows, and attendees could easily imagine the new opportunities that interactive content provides for lead generation. Personality quizzes are fun, but you can also create more topical assessments or calculators and capture valuable information about your prospects. The ability to view that information in Pardot, and thereby your CRM, can help you better segment, target, and connect with your audience.

-Laura Horton, Content Leader at Pardot (Read full use case here.)


What Can One of These Interactive Assets Look Like?

Interactive can take many forms. Really the possibilities extend as far as your imagination can take them. Popular B2B forms that have shown outstanding success are knowledge quizzes, persona assessments, market maturity assessments, interactive infographics, benchmark surveys, ROI calculators, interactive video, and interactive white papers.

Let’s look at real live example from Hot Schedules, another Pardot user. Go ahead click around and do the quiz.



Like Laura Horton from Pardot explained above, Hot Schedules created a quick and light quiz, but still gained key qualifying criteria for their database.


How Does It Work?

Pardot directly integrates with the lead form tool in the SnapApp builder. Once Pardot is selected in the automation partner settings, SnapApp pulls in all the data fields from that account so you can easily match them up to your SnapApp lead fields.

Going beyond the lead form, any answers or results given during the interactive experience can also be mapped into your database through the Pardot integration. This can greatly impact lead scoring, follow-up content for nurture streams, and better inform sales conversations.

SalesForce Marketing Cloud

The SalesForce Marketing Cloud integrates with our platform just like Pardot, with one additional really cool feature. With the SnapApp HubExchange app installed in the Marketing Cloud, you can access our entire platform and builder from directly within your SalesForce Marketing Cloud account.

That means you sign in once to build your content and set up the accompanying marketing automation steps. Take care of all your campaign steps in one browser tab!

product3 copy-600.png


Adding Interactivity to Websites, Landing Pages, and Emails

One of the key factors for SnapApp and Pardot is that interactive assets can live on their own unique landing page generated by SnapApp or be embedded pretty much wherever you want.

By housing your interactive content on a landing page, you can join SnapApp analytics data with the robust behavioral data collected via Pardot to get an even deeper understanding of your prospects’ interests and expectations.

At the same time, you’re also generating more data points both in the SnapApp platform and Pardot to observe, test, and tweak what’s working within the content itself – giving you the opportunity to improve your content over time.

When it comes to click rates, interactive content simply offers a more compelling value exchange. B2B marketers have found that adding an in-email rich media poll can increase email engagement by over 30%, as more prospects click from the email to the landing page.

Landing Pages

SnapApp widget code can be copy and pasted directly to the landing page using Pardot’s builder tool. Couldn’t be easier.




Embedding interactive content in your emails is a great way to boost engagement and click-through rates. The trick is that email clients like to keep emails simple, and many don’t support loading JavaScript (and the SnapApp widget code is JavaScript).

Fear not! The SnapApp builder includes an HTML generator for this very reason. The HTML generator allows you to assemble elements from your SnapApp to create a custom HTML prompt, which can be added directly to emails created through Pardot.

This tool is located on the publish tab of the builder. Simply select, preview, and copy and past the html. Any questions included in your HTML snippet can be answered by your audience directly within the email.




Added bonus: interactive content allows for far more diverse and compelling CTAs and subject lines. Prompts like “Test Yourself” or “See how much you know?” generate a lot more activity for emails around content or events, and for social media channels.

Want to see the platform? Take an interactive tour below!





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