How SnapApp Uses SnapApp: The Personality Test for Content Marketing

February 14, 2013 | SnapApp Marketing

How do marketing platform companies use their own product? It’s an important question for both potential buyers and current customers to ask. For platform companies, however, it’s an even more important question to answer. At SnapApp, we’ve built a platform that enables marketers to create an unlimited range of interactive content solutions for an equally diverse range of business challenges. We, however, don’t have such an expansive range of business objectives for our own marketing efforts – we want to distribute valuable content, generate leads, and collect actionable data. We’ve found that the most effective app types for these kinds of content marketing goals are personality tests, and here’s how we’re using them.

Serving Up Content Based on Personas

Primarily, the three main segments SnapApp delivers the most value to are B2B, B2C, and media / publishing companies. We’ve also found that marketing automation users find immense value in filling the top of their marketing and sales funnels using interactive content. As a result, we’ve created guides specifically targeted to these segments, but aside from running our own marketing automation email campaigns, getting this content out to the masses at scale is a serious challenge.

Fortunately, with our ability to recommend content based on the results of a SnapApp personality test, we don’t have to push our content out, we can simply funnel the people we pull in directly to the content we want them to see. Case in point: take the quick SnapApp test below, and get the guide that’s right for you.


Generating Leads

In the test that you (hopefully) just took, you saw that you had to fill out a lead generation form to get your results. Alone, this practice of gating desirable information is a useful tactic for generating leads. For interactive content containing such lead generation forms, we’ve consistently seen an average 80% form submission rate. However, what you didn’t see in the app, was that the lead information you submitted was sent directly to our CRM system in real-time, and that your answers to the test were appended to your lead information.

This means that our sales team can follow up knowing what content you’ve already seen, and which value points will be most relevant and useful to you. You may have also noticed that the lead generation form itself was shorter than you’d normally expect – simply name, email, and company. This too is a perk of tying test responses to lead information. For most companies, it’s a best practice to have industry, prospect role, and prospect department information in lead forms along with contact info. But we were able to ask these questions within the app to gain this necessary information without needing a lengthy form.

Meanwhile, these questions still function to help determine which content is right for you. For anyone viewing content, the sorter and easier it is for them to complete a form, the more likely they will be to oblige.

Collecting Actionable Data

There’s a reason the content in the results of the personality test above links out to a landing page – it’s a little bit of marketing automation integration magic. By linking out to a page tracked by the marketing automation platform we use, we can join our own data collected via SnapApp to the robust behavioral data collected via marketing automation to get an even deeper understanding of your interests and expectations as a test taker.

At the same time, we’re also generating more data points in our marketing automation analytics as well as in our SnapApp analytics to observe, test, and tweak what’s working within the app and the content itself. But the best part, is that all this happens within a quick, seamless interaction which we can host here on our blog, on our Facebook page, or anywhere on the internet.

This is just one example of how we’re using SnapApp, but what kind of value do you think you can get out of SnapApp? Feel free to let us know in the comments below, or be sure to contact us today!

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