How to Turn Your Landing Pages into Qualification Channels

October 24, 2018 | Kara Widdison

As you queue up programs each quarter, how many landing pages are involved? Where will your audience go when you promote a new ebook or webinar? Landing pages are a key part of your marketing strategy and a big part of lead qualification. Yet sometimes it feels like we only focus on the design of the landing page, rather than the experience or function of it.

Of course, design plays a major role in landing pages. You want your landing page to have the right elements – colors and images that are on brand, a headline that clearly states what you’re offering, copy that’s scannable and easy to understand. But why stop at satisfactory? when you can make your landing pages work harder to do more than just collect leads, but also qualify them?

Let’s take a look at a couple ways Marketo and interactive content take your landing pages to another level to give your audience the visual and interactive experience they’re looking for, and the lead qualification you need to push leads to sales faster than the traditional approach. (Side note: this article focuses on Marketo, but we have deep integrations across the MAP landscape).

Capture more leads

Using interactive content on your landing pages can help increase brand awareness and capture more leads. One small detail that can create a lasting impact is the CTA. There’s an ocean of traditional “Download Now” or “Sign Up” CTAs. Think about it. How many of your CTAs are exactly like that? After a while they all look the same. Having an experience like an assessment, survey, or calculator on your landing page allows for compelling and non-traditional CTAs like “Test Your Knowledge”, “See How You Compare”, or “Get Your ROI”. Let’s take a look at an example.

HotSchedules is a great example of using engaging CTAs. You’ll note that instead of having a description of the content they’re offering and a form submission, they present the audience with a question – “How efficiently are you managing labor?” Essentially a full-page CTA! If you’re a manager or operator in the hospitality industry, this is probably something you often reflect on because you want to make sure that you’re doing a good job managing the labor in your restaurant, hotel…”Take the quiz to find out” is a clear CTA and at the end of this quiz you’ll have a better understand of how you’re managing your team. That alone is much more compelling than downloading a report that you might read.

Qualify more leads

In addition to grabbing your audience’s attention with a compelling CTA, your audience is self-qualifying as they go through these experiences. Think of this like a sieve. You can have a lot visitors come to your landing page, but as they go through an assessment, quiz, survey…the question and answer data is indicating which lead is a true and qualified fit (or not!). Let’s take a deeper look.

Here’s an example by Influitive. Again, there’s a better CTA being used to pull in the audience – not leading with a big form. Don’t you want to know if your marketing is vain or not?

The questions being asked are important not only to the marketing team but to the sales team as well.

By getting the answers to these questions, Influitive’s sales team will already have the answers to key questions that indicate if a call will be a good opportunity or not.

The best part? Because Marketo and SnapApp have an advanced integration, leads already in your Marketo database will never see a lead form! When a user is cookied by Marketo, SnapApp recognizes those cookies and says “I know this person, I don’t need to show them a lead form.” Leads that aren’t in your database yet will still have to see that lead form, but only once.

What happens to all the answers your audience gives you? That’s where Marketo comes in. Those answers are passed to Marketo where you can then score your leads, or trigger campaigns that alert your sales team to a new, qualified lead.

You would work with your sales team to figure out what questions they need answered, and map those questions and answers to fields within Marketo. And if these are existing sales-qualifying questions, those fields probably already exist in Marketo.

Using a simple flow, you can trigger an automated email follow-up, adjust scoring, or alert your sales team that they have a new, qualified lead to reach out to.

So what are the benefits of pairing marketing automation with interactive content?

  • More scoring opportunities
  • Clearer buying signals
  • Broader brand awareness
  • Key discovery questions answered
  • More qualified leads
  • More targeted, better conversations

Learn more about the SnapApp and Marketo integration.  As well as our integrations with Pardot, HubSpot, and Eloqua.

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