[Infographic] How to Avoid Social Media Fails

[Infographic] How to Avoid Social Media Fails

Connecting with buyers on a personal level is one of the reasons social media is such an important marketing channel. It’s one of our favorite ways to market around a holiday.

But it can also go horribly, horribly wrong – as so many brands have discovered over the years.

KISSmetrics put together a fantastic infographic highlighting some of the most unforgettable brand blunders on social media in 2014.

Alongside each example, KISSmetrics offers a simple takeaway to avoid mistakes from the get-go, like “Check your context” and “research your hashtags.” The infographic also includes advice for how to recover from a PR disaster on social media.

Learn from these brands’ mistakes and tread lightly on social. Be authentic and do your homework! Diligent fact-checking and knowledge of your audience goes a long way.

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Source: Brand Unawareness (Infographic)

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