Infographics: Five Expert Quotes on Your Winning Content Type for 2013

March 18, 2013 | SnapApp Marketing

It’s official, according to our Content Marketing Madness bracket, infographics are now your 2013 champions when it comes to content. Sure, as most content marketers would agree, infographics are a heavy favorite for creative content marketing initiatives, but as we’ve learned time and time again from the real March Madness, going in a favorite doesn’t always mean coming out on top.

In honor of the medium of content with the most votes, we’ve brought together five expert quotes highlighting the true value of infographics.

Leslie Bradshaw, COO at Guide on Infographics for B2B vs B2C: “Infographics are a high-level tactic that are good for educated audiences; they are not actually good for consumer audiences. Consumer audiences are much more likely to share something on Facebook that’s really snackable. Think about Pinterest. Those are the pieces of content we call snackable content short, bold statements. If we produce content that has just one or two data points, we call it a data graphic.” via Content Marketing Institute

Joe Pulizzi, CEO of the Content Marketing Institute on Infographics for Pinterest: “Infographics have found a home with Pinterest. We just did a post the other day the history of content marketing, and within a matter of two weeks we had over 600 people sharing that on Pinterest. It’s amazing how fast that has happened. So regardless of Pinterest or not, we know that there’s a home for visual storytelling. We know whether that’s through video, Slideshare, Infographics, or Pinterest, whatever the case is; you’ve got to have that part of your strategy.” via Marketo

Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs on Infographic Quality: “A good infographic offers clarity: Simple, clean design. But also, it allows a reader to scan and quickly grok the data being communicated, almost immediately. Secondly, a good infographic isn’t a stuffed spreadsheet: So why is it that so many look like a graphic artist just used cool fonts on a spreadsheet and called it an infographic? The infographic is an opportunity to present data in a more interesting, understandable, compelling (non-boring!) way.” via Eloqua

Randy Krum, Founder of Cool Infographics on the Relationship with Social Media: “Social Media marketers and the SEO industry have built infographics into a new type of online media. Based on years running Cool Infographics and watching some cool designs go viral where other great designs fell flat has fine-tuned my appreciation for what makes a successful infographic design online. Popular, viral infographics these days usually have a strategy of marketing and outreach behind them to help them succeed.” – via Visual Loop

Seth Lieberman, CEO of SnapApp on Infographics and Interactive Content: “What makes infographics so compelling is their ability to quickly convey salient information and relevant metrics. By coupling interactive content with social efforts, demand generation and thought leadership, marketers can directly tie infographics to marketing goals. This creates a virtuous circle whereby content drives marketing outcomes and simultaneously creates even more content for new infographics and marketing.”

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