Inspire Your Interactive Content With Examples Created Using SnapApp for PDF

December 27, 2018 | Elizabeth Rivelli

Earlier this year, we introduced SnapApp for PDF, a new tool that allows marketers to take their existing static content and create more engaging experiences for readers. By layering in sales-qualifying questions, users can gather critical information about their prospects and better understand where they fall in the sales funnel.  

Since the launch, our customers have consistently seen incredible results with their interactive  content. Lead qualification processes have become faster, engagement has skyrocketed and conversions are flying off the charts. And that’s exactly why we built SnapApp for PDF—to help marketing and sales teams uncover more about their potential customers so they can personalize every interaction and close more deals.

If you’ve been following our blog for a while, you know that interactive is killing the competition. In fact, nearly 90 percent of B2B marketers believe that interactive content makes their brand stand out among the rest.  

Want to see the power of SnapApp for PDF in action? Check out these interactive content assets with seriously impressive lead metrics.


To educate its existing customers and prospects about the use of artificial intelligence in the hiring process, Montage created an eye-catching, interactive PDF touting its in-house research. The interactive PDF includes lead-qualifying questions for readers, like, “What is the comfort level surrounding AI within your TA team?” and a multiple choice question designed to measure a reader’s understanding of AI in the hiring process.

With that information, Montage’s sales team can reach out to prospects and provide appropriate follow up based on their responses.

The asset is on the shorter side—only 12 pages—but is packed with great statistics that are compelling, and most importantly, relevant to their target audience. And the numbers prove it—Montage’s interactive PDF resulted in nearly 28 percent leads per click and over 53 percent leads per form view.

Agreement Express

In this example, Agreement Express created an interactive eBook to help independent sales organizations (ISOs) onboard more merchants using a PayFac model. The eBook includes a plethora of useful information for readers, and was strategically designed to be relevant for all prospects, regardless of their experience with the onboarding process.

Throughout the eBook, readers will find mini case studies highlighting the successes of different Agreement Express customers, to get them thinking about a demo even before they reach the final CTA page. This was also a great way to combine multiple sales and marketing assets into one cohesive document.

Using five lead-qualifying questions, Agreement Express was able to garner over 24 percent leads per click and nearly 40 percent leads per form view with their eBook.

And we can’t forget to mention the eBook’s unique nautical theme that uses page titles like, “Staying Afloat as an ISO,” and “Preparing Your Vessel.” As you’ll notice, this fun spin makes the content much more approachable and engaging.


Insurance can be a tricky subject for people to understand. That’s why Earnix created an interactive PDF to promote a co-sponsored research report with Insurance Innovators about the value of personalization. The 26-page PDF is a bit more text heavy, but also includes easily digestible diagrams and visuals to help simplify the numbers.

Like all good lead-generating content, Earnix’s PDF speaks to a wide audience. There’s something for every reader to learn, from agencies that are in the exploratory phases of using personalization, to those who rely on personalization in every client interaction.

Earnix strategically used only two lead-qualifying questions in their PDF, with one being, “Would you like to schedule a demo with an Earnix expert?” As a result, they were able to further narrow the funnel by seeing exactly where readers are in their buying journey. It’s not surprising that their questions worked—Earnix’s interactive eBook resulted in more than 10 leads per click, and over 15 percent leads per form view.


Here’s another interactive eBook example. This one, from Genesys, highlights the company’s State of Customer Experience research report. The eBook includes eight short “chapters” that explore topics such as, “Understanding the Customer Journey,” and “Future Proofing the Customer Experience with Cloud.” The design is very simple, with a mix of text and tables that illustrate their research.

Genesys’ eBook is one of the highest performing assets we’ve shared here. They saw nearly 12 percent leads per click, and over 43 percent leads per form view. Impressive, right?

How they got those leads is the interesting part. On the CTA page, Genesys doesn’t offer a “receive a demo” or “speak to sales” option. Instead, the final page of the eBook presents readers with four questions that test their organization’s customer experience prowess. Using this tactic allows readers to realize how Genesys’ solutions can help them, and might prompt them to reach out on their own for more information. Those types of leads tend to be more serious and further down the funnel.

So, are you curious to see if SnapApp for PDF can work for your organization? Take this quiz to find out.

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