Interactive Content & The Buyer’s Journey [INFOGRAPHIC]

September 18, 2014 | Dan Trefethen

compas (2)The last time you booked a trip, did you use a travel agent?

Probably not!

Most of us don’t use agents anymore. We prefer to research, plan, and book travel ourselves using the tools available to explore ideas, review other’s opinions, identify options and compare prices.

This phenomenon – of doing our own research and evaluation without the help of an agent – is not unique to travel. According to Forrester Research, buyers are 90% of the way through their buying journey before they ever talk to sales.

That has huge implications for marketers. As part of helping buyers navigate that 90%, marketers are also moving further down the funnel, taking on more of a sales function. No longer responsible solely for lead generation and high level nurturing, modern marketers are educating prospects, sharing specific solution information and cultivating relationships.

So how can marketers effectively generate leads and push them toward sales?

Is it possible to really understand each prospect’s unique requirements, share relevant information in a timely manner, and build credibility and trust as a marketer without ever even talking to prospects? And what about all of the noise as more and more companies produce content? These are the marketers’ challenges. Interactive content can help.

To answer these questions and more, we partnered up with Oracle Marketing Cloud to create the ‘Interactive Content & The Buyer’s Journey’ infographic below.   SnapApp_Infographic_InteractiveContent_6_72      

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