Introducing the Single Page Calculator: SnapApp September Release

Introducing the Single Page Calculator: SnapApp September Release

In September, the Product Team is excited to announce you can now create Single-Page Calculators within the SnapApp platform. Over the course of the month we’ve released a batch of new features for our Calculator functionality that allow you to collect information from your audience and calculate their results all on one page. Single page calculators are a great way to assess the needs of your audience and demonstrate how your business can boost their bottom line. Check out our example below!

How is this different from previous generations of Calculators? You can now add equation results to any page (including the page containing the inputs) and calculate their outcome immediately with our new calculate button. You can also display each equation result back to your audience when they download your app’s Summary PDF.

September’s Honorable Mentions

A monthly list of items one below the main event that we think are pretty cool.

  • Back Button: one of the most commonly requested features from SnapApp customers, this button allows users in Canvas or Question-based content types to navigate back through any page of the app with the click of a button.
  • Pre-Filled Write-In Answers: another popular customer request, this new feature allows you to pre-fill write-in fields for any question with text content. Use this for instructional text, “did-you-knows” or however else you see fit.
  • LeadREV: we released LeadREV, the first-ever free tool for marketers to create interactive experiences out of static PDFs, complete with readership analytics and lead capture.

For more information on September’s new features, check out the release notes section of the Knowledge Base or contact your Customer Success Manager.

Have ideas for features you’d like to see? Give us a shout in the comments!



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