Introducing The Tuning Fork: A New Weekly Expert Interview Series From SnapApp

Introducing The Tuning Fork: A New Weekly Expert Interview Series From SnapApp

Aaron Dun 4/13/16

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Think about the last article, image, or story you shared, liked, or commented on social media. 

Why did you take that action? Was it something you found funny, moving, sad, or frustrating? Did it trigger nostalgia, memories, or a feeling of “Yeah! That’s happened to me!”? 

When you share something that triggered an emotional or intellectual response, that piece of content resonatedwith you. Something about it struck such a chord with you that you had to echo that feeling out into your wider network. 

That kind of content is gold for marketers. We’re all trying to get our buyers to take some kind of action based on consuming our content, but more often our content is completely ignored. It gets lost underneath a pile of content with a clickbait headline or photo of Ryan Gosling.

But the content that sticks around, the content that resonates, provokes exactly the kind of action marketers are looking for – moving buyers through their buying journey. We’re all striving to create that kind of content. 

The challenge? Creating content that resonates isn’t that easy. If it were, everyone would do it, and – surprise – what once resonated now feels old and uninteresting. 

At SnapApp, we want to make creating content that resonates a little bit (or a lot a bit) easier for marketers everywhere. To that end, I’m excited to announce the launch of a new series from the SnapApp content team: The Tuning Fork – Conversations on Creating Content That Resonates. 

What is The Tuning Fork? 

The Tuning Fork is a weekly expert interview series designed for marketers who want practical advice on creating content that resonates deeply with their audience. Our goal is to help you shift your marketing focus onto your buyers and get better results from everything you do. 

We’ll host people like Doug Kessler, whose SlideShare “Crap. The Content Marketing Deluge” has more than 2.6 million views and has been shared more than 4,500 times on social media in the last year alone. 

Tuning Fork interviews come in the form of transcriptions posted to our blog; “fireside chat” webinars; and SlideShare roundups of key points raised by our guests.

With our guests, we’ll explore what makes content resonate: how marketers can uncover the right kind of insights about their audience to create content that speaks directly to them. 

Why A Tuning Fork? 

A tuning fork is a tool used by musicians to align their instruments to the same pitch. Tuning forks come in different shapes and sizes so that, when struck, they’ll vibrate at just the right frequency to produce the right pitch. 

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Your content should be a tuning fork, calibrated to vibrate at the resonant frequency of your audience. 

With the Tuning Fork series, we’re aiming to help you get to that resonant frequency. It takes deep empathy for your audience, a unique and insightful perspective on a problem, and really remarkable content that provides rich experiences. 

What’s Next? 

Next week, the first installment of The Tuning Fork SlideShare series will launch with a few gems from our interview with Doug Kessler. After that, you’ll see interviews with your marketing heros and fun resonance-focused inspiration every week.

Have someone in mind who you think would be a great fit to join us and talk about resonance? Let us know! Did a campaign or piece of content you created really resonate with your audience? Tell us about it and you could be on the next installment! 

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