June: More Sunscreen, Sandals, and SnapApp Builder Features

June: More Sunscreen, Sandals, and SnapApp Builder Features

Ready to kick off summer by building SnapApps? We thought so! That’s why we’ve been busy releasing new features to help you have a successful summer. Below is a recap of everything that was introduced in June and how you can make use of it.

Copy Pages

You can now copy any content or result page to make it easier than ever to design your SnapApps. Simply click on the copy icon that appears for these pages in the Page Manager.


Button Improvements

Prior to June, we had the concept of a next button and a submit button. Since you can always upload a custom button for each page, this functionality is no longer as valuable. Therefore, we now just have one global button that you can replace or you can utilize the page unique button.

Tracking Downloads

While we always tracked clicks on download buttons, it was part of an overall click statistic. We’ve separated that out in our Analytics so that you can see the number of times your files are downloaded in a SnapApp.

Slider Bar: Only Show Selected Answers

Our latest improvement to slider bar questions are especially great for numeric answer choices. You can choose to only show the selected answer on the page, like so:


Calculator Improvements

We have a list of improvements planned for our Calculator content type and June saw the release of the first batch.  We’ve made it easier than ever to create your equations and reference questions by housing them all in an Equation Hub that can be accessed anytime by clicking the Equations button next to the content bar:


We’ve also increased the number of values that an answer choice can equal. This means that you can ask one question and use the answer choice three different ways in equations. For example, you may have a different interest rate and loan term based on whether someone is from the USA or Canada. You can now ask them that once and set the interest rate as Value A, the loan term as Value B, and reference either in your equations.

You can also now control the decimal precision for each result.


June Bugs!

It wouldn’t be June without some June bugs! We’ve fixed a bunch this month to improve your experience while using our product.

If you have any questions or feedback about these changes, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


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