Keep Your Viewer’s Attention: 5 Types of Interactive Video to Create Today

Keep Your Viewer’s Attention: 5 Types of Interactive Video to Create Today

Confession: I downloaded your PDF, but I probably didn’t read it. Chances are I skimmed it and then became distracted by one of the other 20 tabs I have open. 

Communication habits are changing. We want bite-sized, to-the-point content, preferably on-demand. As a result, audience insight, appropriate timing, and on-point messaging has never been more important in marketing.

Savvy marketers employ video to engage short attention spans, and now they’re using advanced tactics to make these videos even more compelling. 

Not only that, they’re adding interactivity to create additional learning opportunities – creating an exchange of information with their prospects and customers.

Demand Metric and Brightcove, in cooperation with our interactive partners like SnapApp, surveyed interactive video users about how they currently employ interactivity in videos. For marketers looking to get started, or expand their interactive video offerings, it can be hard to decide which types of video best accomplish your objectives. 

Let’s create an interactive video project appropriate to your specific customer lifecycle goals, together.

Which Types of Interactive Video Should You Create?

Choices, choices. So which types of interactive content are marketers using most frequently? Turns out, all of it. Once the barrier to entry is removed, more and more interactive video is produced. 

In the last Brightcove guest post, we outlined the different types of interactive video elements available.

And while the results show “more is better,” that’s not to say you should create interactive video willy-nilly. As with any piece of content, have an objective. 

Depending which stage of the customer journey is being targeted, your purpose will differ. Below are just a few ideas of the types of interactive videos you could create.

Interactive Video Across the Customer Lifecycle

Awareness video: Q&A with an Industry Leader, providing in-video question selection and allowing viewers to create their own content path.

Engagement video: Post event wrap-up with an in-video satisfaction survey to attendees.

Conversion video: Product Demo with chapters and in-video lead form.

Retention video: How-to/Tutorial with hotspots for deeper dive information.

Advocacy video: User generated content promoted on social with annotations linked to relevant content.

Bite-sized and on-demand? Absolutely. Interactive video delivers. 

The amount of customization in interactive video means that no viewing experience is the same – getting to the heart of what your viewer cares about.

Online video is ripe with opportunities for marketers to engage with their prospects and customers. 

Advanced video metrics, paired with the additional insights that interactive video provides, enable video creators to craft their content in specific and personalized ways.  So what can you do today? Review current video content and look for opportunities to add interactivity. Quizzes? Branching? Hotspots? The choice, really, is yours!

For a deeper dive on how to translate your existing content into interactive videos, check out Brightcove's and SnapApp's joint webinar on How to Get More From Your Content with Interactive Video.