Lunch With Marketing Experts: An Inside Look at SnapApp’s New Event Series

July 28, 2016 | Dan Trefethen

SnapApp event series, Marketers Who Lunch, kicked off today in Boston. It featured an on point menu, and a lively discussion about modern marketing challenges and solutions.  

Below is a time stamped play by play of the event showing what you can expect at future Marketers Who Lunch.


The first guests start to check in, claim their seats and explore the area of Row 34 – an awesome seafood restaurant in South Boston’s waterfront.

The setting is brick-lined walls with dangling ceiling lights over black decor tables. Big floor-to-ceiling windows take up one side of the room. Marketers from all over Boston are here to meet, mingle, and talk about their marketing campaigns – both trials and triumphs.



Two tables of 12 are fully seated. There are marketers from EF Education First, Monster, Brightcove, and Nanigans to name just a few.

From SnapApp, Director of Marketing Vanessa Porter is seated on the left hand side table, and on the right sits SVP of Marketing Aaron Dun.


Most guests’ phones are securely holstered and out of sight – the conversation is active.  


The temperature outside is a sweltering 91 degrees. Inside Row 34 it is a pleasant 68.


Just before appetizers are served, Vanessa Porter collects mini-surveys from the guests that will be used to help guide the conversation.



Aaron Dun jumps up to the front to start the discussion. His first question focuses on recognizing our 2016 goals and where we are all with them mid-way through the year.


There are three sales team members in attendance from different companies. When asked if their leads’ quality could be better, they all raise their hands in the affirmative.


This talking point is introduced:

“When it comes to leads, we as marketers don’t think of the BETTER, because the better is hard.”



Salads arrive!



Sliders arrive!



Aaron brings up the idea of focusing on sending less leads to sales. This intrigues.

“Instead of sales focusing on a broad spectrum of MQLs, they should be focusing on super MQLs.



When asked if anyone answers vendor calls at their desk, only one or two hands go up.

When asked if people even had phones at their desk anymore, the majority actually responded with “no.”


A few marketers raised their hand when asked if they knew what their sales team’s SQL qualifying criteria was. While not the majority, more people raised their hand than was anticipated. Good sign!


Workshop questions that were suggested by the guests through the earlier survey  were pitched. They included:

  • What’s worked for you to drive engaging experiences for your audience?
  • How can we better collect and tell our customer success stories?
  • How can we better create content and demand gen alignment?

These discussions were held in small groups at their tables.


After the smaller conversations, insights were shared with the whole group.

The following points were brought up:

  • Direct mail campaigns are still a powerful format.
  • Using short-form video.
  • Using interactive content like assessments for social promotion.
  • The importance of auditing your pipeline to make sure you have all the right content for different stages
  • Webinar approach to putting downloadable content before or in the middle of webinars instead of at the end
  • Creating contests and giveaways
  • Sending customer “thank you” packages


Lunch is served – lobster rolls! (I mean, we’re in Boston.)



As people finish their meals, general mingling begins. Leaving their seats some light networking begins. Cards are exchanged.


The room starts thinning out as all the marketers have finished lunching. One by one, they head back out into the stifling heat, hopefully with a charged imagination and a new community to share ideas with.

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