Make Your Content Stand Out Without Relying on Luck

Make Your Content Stand Out Without Relying on Luck

Kara Widdison 3/16/16

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Tomorrow is Saint Patrick’s Day and I am beyond excited. There’s this mystical green haze that cloaks Boston, SnapApp's home, and all you hear are the sounds of the parade and people enjoying the general splendor of it all.

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Over the past few days at SnapApp, we’ve been having discussions about luck, superstitions, and whether or not charms really do work. I grew up playing field hockey and spent years developing a routine that I believed would influence the outcome of my performance and games. 

I wore the same pair of blue and green striped socks every game day, I always had to wear my hair in French braids, and I played with the same stick for 7 years until it finally shattered. If I didn’t have my stick, the socks, or the french braids, I associated a bad performance or lost game to those things. 

Fast forward 9 years and I know that I don’t need the lucky stick, socks, or the French braids to play well or win games, that my “charms” don’t matter, and it’s how well I use my skills and what I know that will lead to a positive outcome. The same thing applies to marketing. 

Yesterday we hosted a webinar called It Takes More Than Luck: How to Increase Lead Generation With Interactive Content. We discussed the fact that you don’t need the four-leaf clover, horseshoe, or rabbits foot to run a great marketing campaign. You need a strategy that maximizes lead engagement and content that encourages participation. Luckily (pun), interactive content achieves both!

Content That Resonates

When you think about your campaign and your desired result (which is probably new business), you have to think about your buyers. You need content that your audience can relate to wherever they might be on their journey. And while offering a white-paper or a comprehensive report  gives your audience a wealth of knowledge, you might actually be losing them in the extensiveness of all that content.

To deliver great content to your audience without overwhelming them, try more snackable pieces of content that feature parts of your larger assets. 

Do you have an eBook you want to send out? Promote it to your audience in the form of a survey or quiz that leads them to the eBook. Do you have an ROI tool that shows the advantage of your company? Show it off through an assessment or calculator. What you end up doing is providing a quick, but powerful piece of content that will create a dialogue between you and your buyers. 

Content That Stands Out

How many times have you seen “Download Now” today? I’ve seen it about 10 times already and the day isn’t even over. Your audience probably sees the same generic call to action a dozen times a day and by now, they’re just skipping past it. What if you could stand out more and get them to interact with you instead? 

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With interactive content, you can mix up your CTA’s and stand out from the crowd. Trivia is my jam, so that “Test Your Knowledge” CTA speaks to my competitive side. “See How You Compare” – compare to what? That type of CTA will make your audience naturally curious and will lead to more clicks towards your piece of content. 

Content Experience

To create a truly engaging experience for your audience, you really need to get to know them. Why are they looking at your content in the first place? What do they need or want from you? 

The easiest thing we can tell you is to ask them. Interviewing is a great way to gather information. You can interview more than just your prospects too. Interview current customers, and interview people who didn’t want your product. The more information you can gather, the better you’ll be able to mold your marketing campaign and increase the size of your audience. 

By asking your audience questions – like through interactive surveys or assessments – not only are you getting to know them, but you’re also getting actionable data that can feed right into your marketing automation system and help focus your nurture streams. 

Don’t Rely On Luck

So, when it comes to marketing, don’t rely on luck to get the attention of your audience or to increase your click rates and lead submissions. Interactive content has proved to be the only lucky charm you need, improving click rates by 30%, completion rates by 85%, and lead conversions by 45%. 

To hear more about how interactive content can help increase your lead generation, watch our webinar! And have a fun and safe St. Patty’s Day! 


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