Making the Best of Your (Advo)Camp Experience!

Making the Best of Your (Advo)Camp Experience!

snapapp at advocamp

Influitive’s Advocamp begins on March 7th and SnapApp couldn’t be more excited to see what they have in store for us this year. This is the 2nd year that Influitive has run their annual event and it has made a splash for marketers that are focused on customer advocacy and support. 

One of the biggest themes for 2016 across the board has been the reinvestment in your customer base, and creating advocates for your brand is just the start. 


What makes Advocamp so unique is its pure emphasis on customer advocacy, even to the extent of inviting competitors to join in the talks. 

Last month Mark Organ, CEO of Influitive, released an article explaining their strategy behind Advocamp and the success that it has created for them as an organization and a category creator. 

“This is the approach my team and I took at Influitive when we organized Advocamp, a conference focused on customer experience, engagement and advocacy. We created a distinct brand and called it an industry event — not an Influitive user conference. I’ll never hear the end of it from our VP of Sales, but yes: we even invited competitors to sponsor and speak at the event, and several accepted our invitation, supporting the advocate marketing category.” 

Now most people probably read this article and thought to themselves, “What were they thinking inviting competitors to their conference?” You would never go to Marketo Summit or Oracle’s Modern Marketing Experience and see Hubspot and Pardot exhibiting… what gives, Mark? 

He continues to explain in the article that the differentiator here is that they were building out a new category. Because of that, they needed to see what the total addressable market was in the specific space, and if the company had the opportunity they thought they did. My favorite line in the article addresses this goal:

“The primary goal of these events is to make attendees more successful in their careers through education, networking and new ideas — whether they use your product or not.”

As I’ve said before, there are new events popping up everywhere – what are you going to do to make sure your event stands out and is something that keeps people coming back for more? 

When creating an industry event such as this, the organizer has to know that the main objective is not new business. It’s creating a brand and showcasing what your company can bring to the market. 

This is my first year attending Advocamp (SnapApp is a Platinum Sponsor – come check us out at booth 8!), and I’m amped not only to meet and network with a new set of marketers, but also to have the ability to see new best practices and strategies that our peers are implementing. Organizations should think about customer marketing at every point in the funnel, across every channel, even up to right before the signature on the dotted line. 

Here are my 3 Tips for surviving camp next week! 

  1. First of all – (shameless promotion) – Check out the sponsors! Influitive has done an amazing job of putting together a fantastic group of sponsoring companies that will take your marketing technology stack to a whole new level. Have unique marketing goals or teams across your department? See how these diverse technologies can work across and unite several different groups of marketing in your organization. 
  2. Be a Team Player – Sit down with your team this coming week and review the agenda, figure out which of the sessions might add value for the other members of your team. Events are expensive to attend and the ROI doesn’t need to be strictly monetary – attend some of those sessions and bring the takeaways back to your team. Which leads to #3… 
  3. Plan out your agenda – In continuing with their creativity and innovation, Advocamp’s agenda is jam packed with great speakers. In the afternoon on Tuesday we will be treated to four separate tracks of “TED Talk”-style sessions. If you haven’t looked at the schedule yet, make sure you do because decision making time is upon us. I recommend bouncing around in the tracks and really diversifying the content. It’ll keep your day fresh and your mind awake. 

If you’re planning on attending Advocamp next week, make sure to come say hello! And if you’re not attending but this has piqued your interest, register here using SnapApp’s discount code for $200 off registration! 

If there are any specific sessions that look interesting to you, let me know in the chat box. I’ll make sure to check them out and report back! 

snapapp at advocamp

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