March Madness: Battle of the Lead Gen Channels Round 2

March Madness: Battle of the Lead Gen Channels Round 2

How’s your March Madness bracket doing? Did you pick all the right teams, or are you already out of the running?

Here on the SnapApp blog, we’re gearing up for Round 2 of our Battle of the Lead Gen Channels. Did you vote in Round 1? If so, I hope your favorite channel is still in the running! If not – there’s no time like the present to get in on the action.

In this second round, we just have to face the fact that some channels did not make the cut. We want to thank everyone for voting and encourage you to keep voting for your favorite channel. We are counting on you to choose the winning channel to rule them all!

As you can see in the SnapApp bracket contest below, a channel has been eliminated from each bracket. One channel has risen to the next round and one has fallen.

Rising Channels

  • Email
  • Trade Shows
  • Landing Pages
  • Website

Falling Channels

  • Organic Social
  • Paid Media
  • Blog
  • Webinars

Click on the match-ups you want to vote for, and follow along round by round.

  • The second round closes on March 31st
  • Final round closes on April 7th
  • Winner announced April 8


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