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August 4, 2015 | Dan Trefethen

The 2015 Marketo Roadshow promised one thing: bring inspiration to the marketing nation. In Boston, they did just that. Today, consumers receive over 3,000 marketing messages a day, take in about 50, but only really listen to 4. So how are marketers suppose to reach their ever-increasing selective audience?

It’s not about getting louder, it’s about getting smarter. Buyers today are self-directing their purchasing journey– the buyer’s journey is 66% to 90% self-directed, which means marketers need to be proactive with their marketing and actually listen to what their buyer is telling them.

Buyers give off signals all the time, and with content that listens- like assessments, polls, and calculators– marketers can engage with the right message at the right time.

The example Marketo showed was a travel company. The company has one product: a trip to the caribbean. However, they position the trip very different depending on who they were talking to. In one case it was a family trip, another was a spring break trip, and another a retirement getaway. Knowing your audience and engaging them with messaging that makes sense for them is how marketers are leading the business.

As the buyer turns into a customer, it is marketing who own the entire lifecycle and can be consistently listening for cues. So as marketers emerge as leaders, remember to listen. Future business will be won by the most engaging companies, not the loudest.

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