[Video] 9 Totally Different Marketing & Content Leaders Share What They Learned in 2017

December 14, 2017 | Dan Trefethen

The close of every year usually brings with it revelations and reflections on the past 12 months.


2017 is definitely no exception. As technologies and trends continue to change, it can seem like a constant game of catch up both in a professional standpoint, but also personally in this whole “life” thing we’re all in.


With this in mind, we decided to ask nine totally different marketing and content leaders around the Boston area what they learned in 2017. See the video below!




These leaders span different levels from CEO, President, and CMO to Associate Editor, SEO manager, and Director; from organizations like the Boston Globe Media, Harvard Business Review, Drift, Arnold Worldwide, and Growth Hackers.


Some topics covered include:

  • The consistent expectation of personalization
  • The power of client attitude
  • Scaling the unscalable
  • The importance of semantic markup
  • The impact of Facebook live


But also:

  • How to start a fire
  • What not to do when snorkeling
  • Wedding season in your late 20s
  • The unavoidable Hamilton fandom
  • And how to pack a moving truck


One of SnapApp’s favorite projects of the last year was our research on the three different generations that make up current B2B buying commities. You can read more about it here, download the full report here, or test your own knowledge with the quiz below. 




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