Marketing Madness: The Most Awesome Animals of the Internet Bracket

February 28, 2017 | Dan Trefethen

March is upon us. What does that mean? Well, there’s Daylight Savings Day (sunlight!). There’s St. Patrick’s Day (Irish things!). There’s Pi Day (3.14159…!). There’s the first day of Spring (more sunlight!). Oh, and there’s a little basketball tournament that get’s some buzz.

The basketball thing is, of course, the NCAA weeks-long national tournament commonly known as March Madness.

It’s particularly popular because of its bracket-style tournament where highly favored teams are ranked in the top 10, and then lesser performing teams rank lower all the way through 64.

The crazy part is any team could win. Number 64 can beat number one. Who knows? This is what gets people excited. I say “people” instead of “fans” because filling out your own prediction bracket is so popular that many non-fans of college basketball participate.

Participation is key. Just like the rise of fantasy football, when individuals can have more personal investment in an activity and outcome that they aren’t actually involved in – engagement goes way up.

And that’s where marketers should take note. A seasonal occasion + individual participation = an opportunity for a big campaign.

And a tournament bracket is a powerful vehicle for a campaign. HCSS, a construction management solution company, created a non-basketball bracket that drove huge traffic and landed them an article in Fortune magazine.

There many different non-basketball of brackets it turns out. Last year, SnapApp held our own March Madness bracket, The Marketers TV BInge Bracket, that pinned some beloved TV shows against each other.

This year, we have a new bracket for our fellow digital marketers.

The Most Awesome Animals of the Internet

When you work a lot on the web, you watch a lot of animal videos. It’s how the world keeps turning. And everyone has their favorites.

So we’d like to extend you an invitation to take a quick break from digital marketing and vote your favorite internet animal to champion status.

  1. Round 1 Voting Ends: March 10
  2. Round 2 Voting Ends: March 17
  3. Final Round Voting Ends: March 26
  4. Winner Announced: March 27


Animal Brackets Promo13-750.jpg


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