Marketo Inspires, Do You Do The Same? Marketo Roadshow 2015

July 22, 2015 | Dan Trefethen

The Marketo Roadshow is rolling into town on Thursday, July 30th and we’re happy to be there as Silver Sponsors. Roadshows like this one allow for a collection of forward-thinking marketers to gather and talk big ideas and brainstorm on how they can make their customer experiences even better!

The challenge isn’t getting the ideas – it’s the execution. Whether you’re focused on customer engagement or demand generation, you have to turn your big ideas into action.

The problem? Campaigns large and small take time: content creation, creative, and execution. So what’s a marketer to do?

Start Small

Focus on a few high-quality campaigns. It’s better to deliver a smaller number of more robust and interesting campaigns than to have a lot of campaigns that don’t quite deliver value. If you are looking for campaigns to fill the quarter, try small, segmented campaigns directed toward a specific audience.

Thinking small forces you to focus on your goals and get creative on how to meet them.

Build More

Once you have your campaign, build on top of it! Amplify and extend your campaign so you can get more out of it. Use creative CTAs, hooks, and content to keep your campaign fresh. Expand into new channels to reach audiences in a new way.

Start a Dialogue

As you reach your audience, make sure you’re starting a conversation with them. Adding value is about responding to personal pains and needs, answering questions, and solving problems. Starting a conversation through dynamic content lets you deliver more value to your audience, and get more information in return.

As a data driven marketer, you need to think beyond the lead form. How else can you capture important information?

Start By Being Interactive

Interactive content like quizzes, assessments, surveys, calculators, brackets, and more are content types that allow you to capture valuable information and feed it into your marketing automation system (like Marketo) so you can act in real time.

We hope you find the inspiration you need at the Roadshow to launch your next campaign.

If you need some help amplifying, stop by our booth and we’ll show you how!


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