Mixergy Interview with SnapApp CEO, Seth Lieberman

February 23, 2011 | SnapApp Marketing

SnapApp founder and CEO, Seth Lieberman, was interviewed by Andrew Warner for Mixergy.com. The interview centers on the early success of Pangea Media, and the evolution of the company’s strategy and products, including the recent launch of SnapApp. Seth provides advice and words of wisdom for entrepreneurs in the Mixergy.com community.

The interview runs at about an hour, so we’ve highlighted a couple of relavant excerpts for your convenience:

Andrew: What is it about quizzes that gets people so fricking engaged, that gets them to share it with their friends?
Seth: My view is that there’s a couple game dynamics that are taking place. Number one, we break things into two main groups – collaborative and competitive/comparative. On the collaborative side, people like to work on things together. There’s a natural human joy in creating something as a team accomplishment. So that’s either creating a quiz specifically in mind for a friend or having inside jokes in it. There’s this collaborative nature that people like.

Even more powerful is the competitive or comparative nature. How smart am I? What questions did I get right? What questions did Andrew get right? What kind of drink am I? I’m a martini. That tells me something about my personality, so there’s a self-discovery aspect. Huh, Andrew’s a gin and tonic. Interesting. I always knew he was a gin and tonic.

There’s this ability to not only have a self discovery about who you are or how smart you are or some other aspect and then compare it to people you know and people you don’t know. People find that a very rewarding game dynamic.

Andrew:Okay. And what does it mean that you’re the leader in quiz-related technologies? What exactly do you do? Can you give me an example of how a user would interact with your company?
Seth: We think about quizzes as a framework for engagement, and engagement is, frankly, a little bit hyped and a little bit overused, so apologies for using the word. We really feel that quizzes change monologues into dialogues. Not only can you, as a marketer or as a publisher or as a whomever, send out a message and ask a question, but you can get back real information. What do people think? How do they answer questions? Who are they?

And so that framework for dialogue, question and answer, call and response is something that we’ve done over the past couple years about 300 million times with users. On the SnapApp platform, it’s a self-serve platform where anybody can build their own engagement with customer acquisition.

The SnapApp team also created a Poll App for the Mixergy.com readers, asking them to help Andrew decide the next topic of his podcast:

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