More Than Quizzes: 3 Types of Interactive Content that Drive Leads

March 25, 2015 | Dan Trefethen

These days, when we hear about interactive content, it’s almost always in the context of the almighty quiz.

Sure, quizzes are great – we live them, love them, and share them. But they’re not the be-all-end-all of interactive content.

We shared three of our favorite types of interactive content that generate leads over on the Content Marketing Institute’s blog.

1. Interactive White Papers

This wildly popular content type hasn’t changed much since the first one was written… by Winston Churchill! Isn’t it time this content type got an update?

With interactivity, a white paper can ask questions, provide benchmarking opportunities, and take the reader through a tailored experience based on the information they’re sharing.

2. Interactive Infographics

Infographics work well in a world where everyone feels they have insufficient time – and they appeal to our love of visuals to help make sense of information. How does a marketer improve on an already successful format?

Take it interactive. Present the data. Ask the viewer/ reader/ consumer to confirm if that number resonates with them. List the challenges others have cited. Have the viewer rank their challenges. Can you as a marketer use this information to better qualify and nurture your leads? Maybe your sales team would love to get their hands on the list of “top 3 challenges” as noted by Joe Smith while he ate his bagel and interacted with your infographic?

An interactive infographic takes one of the most effective content marketing formats and makes it better by enabling two-way discourse between the brand and the recipient.

3. Calculators

Regardless of what industry you are in or what department you serve, chances are that before you are authorized to make an investment, you are asked to demonstrate the expected ROI on that investment. How do you go about this today? Do you find it easy to pull together the data to prove your case?

With the help of software, 2015 is a whole new world where the average marketer can actually conceive of and create a calculator without signing up for 6 months of coding:

  • Calculate the ROI on your tradeshow investment
  • Calculate the cost of computer downtime,
  • Calculate the cost of employee and/or customer churn
  • Calculate the cost of poor ad performance

…the list of possibilities goes on and on.

Ultimately your job as a content marketer is to first get your audience’s attention, and then to keep it. With average click rates of 50% and lead conversion rates of 40%, interactive content might be just what you need to boost your lead gen in 2015. 

Read more about these types of interactive content and how companies are putting them into action in our guest post on the Content Marketing Institute’s blog.

Find out how much you could benefit from interactive content with our own ROI calculator:


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