Old Tactics, New Buyers: Why Your B2B Marketing Isn’t Driving Results

October 1, 2019 | Kirsten Lyons

Marketers find themselves in a challenging position. Significant shifts in B2B buying behavior mean that old best practices no longer engage prospects or drive results. But this isn’t uncharted territory: marketers have adapted to changes in buying behavior countless times before. 

From outbound marketing, to the birth of inbound marketing, to the explosion of content marketing, B2B marketers have adopted new methodologies to address shifts in buying behavior multiple times in the past few decades.

And today marketers face yet another substantial shift that means we need to adapt to thrive in a new buying environment. Gartner reports B2B buying behavior has shifted such that buyers spend only 17% of their time meeting with potential suppliers—and even if your prospect has narrowed their options to three solutions, that means you’re still getting less than 6% of their time.


While these shifts challenge best practices, marketers can once again adapt to successfully meet the needs of their buyers and increase revenue. In this webinar, Karo Sadowicz, Director of Customer and Product Marketing at SnapApp, explores how marketers can use lessons from previous market shifts to connect with today’s buyers to meet their goals. Watch the full webinar below to learn:

      • How marketers have adapted to previous changes in buying behavior
      • Why old “best practices” are no longer effective
      • What marketers should focus on now to maximize their effectiveness


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