Optimize and A/B Test Interactive Content With the Scheduler Tool

June 5, 2015 | Caitlin Smith

For modern marketers, efficiency is key. We have a lot on our plates, and we need to prioritize our activities effectively around what will get us the best results.

The challenge is, it can be tough to know what’s working and what’s not. We need a way to test different scenarios and approaches and optimize around the best tactic – whether we’re talking about paid media CTAs or email subject lines.

That’s why one of our favorite features in the SnapApp platform is the Scheduler. This tool allows you to set up a group of SnapApps to determine which one a visitor sees on your website on the fly.

Most SnapApp customers use the Scheduler for:

  • testing which version of a SnapApp is driving more leads
  • swapping out a daily poll, or
  • displaying a completely different SnapApp with each page load.

How the Scheduler Works

Whether using the Scheduler for testing or mixing up your content, simply create your SnapApps as normal, publish them, and then set up the schedule. The Scheduler tool will give you a unique embed code – just like your regular SnapApp widget code – to add to your website that will automatically switch out the live content based on your set schedule. You can also deploy your code to Facebook and/or create a SnapApp-hosted landing page, all of which will update the content the same way.

You have three options for the type of Schedule you set: Scheduled, Randomized, and A/B Test. No matter the type, the first step is to select which SnapApps in your account should be included. There is no limit to the number of schedules you can create and the same SnapApp can be used in more than one Schedule.



For Scheduled, just enter the rotation date and time for each one. The SnapApp will show on the entered date and run until the next SnapApp is set to begin.



If you are creating a randomized schedule, all you have to do is select the SnapApps you want to include. Each time your website is loaded, the next SnapApp in the rotation will display.


A/B Test

The A/B Test schedule lets you divide up how much of your website traffic will see each SnapApp in the schedule.


Example: Lead Form Placement A/B Test

Let’s go through an example. A marketing team wants to see whether the location of a lead form in a SnapApp affects how many leads are generated. They create a SnapApp and clone it. The original has the lead form right at the beginning. In the cloned version, everything is the same – but they’ve moved the lead form to the end, just before the Results page.

Now the team can use the Scheduler to put their plan into action! They pick an A/B Testing schedule and select these two SnapApps. Next, they configure each SnapApp to display to 50% of the traffic to their website.

Then, they simply click ‘Create’. The Publish page with standard SnapApp options appears and the team chooses whether to embed using the widget code, deploy to a landing page, and/or install it on Facebook.


Whichever publish option the team chooses, the content will automatically adjust based on the A/B schedule the team set up. In this example, 50% of customers to their website will see the SnapApp with the lead form at the beginning while the other half will see the SnapApp with the lead form at the end.

Analyze and Optimize

All the team has to do now is analyze the visitor data collected in SnapApp and see which version generated the most leads. They can take that information and use the best-performing version of that SnapApp going forward, or inform future campaigns to keep the success rolling forward.

The Scheduler is not only easy to use but has powerful results. With just a few simple steps you can set your SnapApps on auto-pilot and free up your time to create even more pieces of engaging content!

The Scheduler is a paid feature and only available in certain packages. If part of your account, it can be accessed via the left-hand menu when you first log-in to SnapApp. If you’re interested in adding it to your account, contact your Customer Success Manager.

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