Outreach Users Can See What Their Leads Are Thinking with SnapApp

August 6, 2019 | Karo Sadowicz

SnapApp’s mission to help marketers generate better leads and a stronger pipeline for sales means that while marketers are the primary users of our platform, we also make tools to enable their sales teams. This week we join the Outreach Galaxy, the exclusive collection of integrations for Outreach.

SnapApp will now integrate with Outreach—the leading sales engagement platform—to help sales people understand their prospects before the first call or email. SnapApp jumpstarts the discovery process by embedding qualifying questions in content—and shows how leads responded in their Outreach profile.

The integration allows a sales executive or BDR to:

    • Provide the most relevant content or next step at every stage of the buyer journey
    • Improve alignment with marketing team on lead quality criteria
    • Get deep prospect insights based on Q&A data rather than clicks or downloads


Sales people can view a prospect page in Outreach and see responses to key qualifying questions, reducing the time needed for discovery, and accelerating the follow up with a focused, personalized message instead of a generic talk track.

Sales can see what prospects say about their pains, priorities, and buying intent, so they can tailor their talk track and get to value faster. These insights fuel conversations that turn into opportunities and revenue—that’s something you won’t get from regular MQLs.

Customers who use both SnapApp and Outreach can implement our new integration by installing the SnapApp Chrome extension, and ensuring sales users have a SnapApp login to view the prospect response data. Current SnapApp customers can reach out to their customer success manager to learn more.

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