Qualify Leads More Effectively with SnapApp’s Question Bank

March 6, 2019 | Caitlin Smith

Lead qualification can be done several ways, with varying levels of success. You can purchase contact lists filtered by firmographic or demographic data. You can promote content gated with lead forms, or invite prospects to attend events and webinars. You can have your BDRs on their phones all day calling prospects directly. All of these will result in “qualified” leads entering your pipeline, but just how qualified they are depends on how much information they share besides their contact details. The best way to get that info is getting them to answer a question.

SnapApp’s Question Bank gives marketers a way to capture and organize key qualifying questions and answers for use in interactive apps, all in one place.

Questions Matter


Asking the right questions can transform a prospect into a hot lead, and getting the right answers can signal to sales which leads are likely to become opportunities. Outside of mind reading, qualifying questions are the best way to uncover buying intent and the true potential of a lead.

Marketers who are aligned with their sales teams know the most important questions to ask leads, and utilize those questions early in the funnel to bolster their qualification efforts. If you’re not sure how sales qualifies the leads in their queue, just ask. Understanding their process can dramatically improve your campaign performance and content effectiveness.

Keeping track of qualifying questions for use in apps could be done in a spreadsheet or text document (or maybe on sticky notes), but that’s not the most efficient or dynamic way to do so. Question Bank provides a single source for the qualifying questions that will provide invaluable lead intelligence for your sales team.

Question Bank Benefits


Question Bank is more than a repository for your top prospect questions. It’s a powerful tool for streamlining how your sales team receives and utilizes deep insights about your prospects.

Enable your sales team—Send question and response data to your sales team where they can use it to power productive sales calls and focus their follow up on lead with the biggest payoff potential.

Improve data quality—Ensure response data is captured consistently—without the typos or errors that could occur if they’re typed in manually each time—before it’s sent to your marketing automation or CRM solution.

Produce apps faster—Save time when creating new apps by easily dropping in previously vetted questions to use your interactive apps as lead qualification engines.


Question Bank is now available for all SnapApp customers. Log into your SnapApp account to give it a try!

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