Ranking Our Top 10 Blogs from the Summer

Ranking Our Top 10 Blogs from the Summer

It’s been just about a full month gone by since the unofficial conclusion of summer – the kids have returned to school and everyone’s back on the daily work grind. The air is more crisp, the lattes are more pumpkin spiced, the leaves are more orange. It’s not a bad time, for sure – it’s one of my favorite times of the year – but it’s just not quite summer.

But let’s remember some warmer times, shall we? As the weather in Boston consistently dips below 70 degrees for the first time in nearly five months, let’s try to picture ourselves on the beach, ice-cold beverage in hand, kicking back and enjoying some company (beach, drinks, and company not included in this blog).

With that in mind, here are the top 10 SnapApp blogs from summer.

Honorable Mention: Struggling with Marketing Design? Just Remember C.O.R.E.




If your goal is to please the majority of your audience with a strong, balanced presentation, remembering the C.O.R.E. principles of design is something you can’t afford to miss. Contrast, orientation, repetition, and experience – all vital to creating a marketing design effort that’s just right.

10.) Hacking Audience Attention Spans With Interactivity




What do marketers need to know about hacking audience attention spans with interactivity.

In this post, we examined some stats that indicate how interactive content is effective for the ever-shrinking attention span, as well as what aspects make it so engaging for users.

9.) The History of the PDF and its Marketing Limitations




Published as part of our LeadREV release, this blog took everyone on a little trip back to school for a history lesson. The PDF has been more than adequate for a long time, but it’s been just that – a long time. In doing some research, we found that there wasn’t really a modern, interactive alternative to the PDF, so we made one.

8.) Easy Ways to Increase Webinar Signups and Attendance




Webinars, as you likely know, are a useful tool to disseminate information, answer customer queries, and generate leads. That is, if you can get anyone to register for it. Then, if you do get people to register, there’s no guarantee that any of them will actually show up on the day of the webinar.  Let’s get to the root of the problem – why aren’t more people signing up for your webinar, and why do many of the people who actually do sign up miss the event?

7.) B2B Marketing Calls-to-Action: Best Practices by Channel




In B2B marketing, calls-to-action are not one size fits all. Best practices are channel-specific. A powerful email call-to-action could make for a lousy social CTA. In this article, we explored what works in four different channels – email, landing page, blog, and social. Plus, we exhibited some great examples of each to inspire your content promotion campaigns.

6.) Take Your Infographics from Eye-Catching to Engaging in Four Steps




Making your infographic interactive encourages the reader to engage with the content, instead of just reading your infographic and/or absorbing the visuals. In other words, you’re not just visualizing the data for readers, you’re helping them participate in it. Read on to learn the 4 steps to creating an interactive infographic that really gets your customers’ attention – and gets you valuable feedback in return.

5.) How to Build the Business Case for Marketing Technology




If you want to purchase new marketing technology at your company, you have two options – go rogue or achieve consensus. If you go rogue, you might get your way, but you might not get your job back. So that leaves achieving consensus as the only reasonable response. This post walks you through just how to get consensus on new marketing technology from your managers (and their managers).

4.) Brain Games: Discover the Psychology Behind Interactive Content




One of the more unique blogs we posted this past summer, Kaleigh Moore broke down the psychology behind interactive content and why it is so effective. In need of a quick science lesson because you slacked off during that college course all those years ago? You’ve come to the right place.

3.) Using Interactive Content to Build a Scalable Account Based Marketing Program




This was a longer blog that took a significant amount of time to prepare and write, but it paid off in a big way. As the blog points out, you’ve likely heard of account based marketing if you’re a marketer with a pulse. But the blog goes deeper, looking at why account based marketing is so popular, and looking at how you can use interactive content to take advantage of the account based marketing frenzy.

2.) Best Practices for Creating a Personality Test




This blog was a simple concept that went a long way – a comprehensive guide on one of the major types of interactive content. It walked through what makes up a personality test, what information marketers can use personality tests to gather, and a checklist that we walk through every time we make a personality test of our own.

1.)  Why You Don’t Need a Pokémon GO Strategy




Pokémon GO was the summer craze to end all summer crazes. For a two-week stretch in the beginning of the summer, it seemed impossible to walk down your average city street without running into at least a dozen well-connected citizens with their faces buried in their cell phones. And yes, while Pokémon GO was a wildly popular mobile game that captivated millions around the globe, that doesn’t necessarily mean every marketing team at every company needs to have its own unique Pokémon GO strategy.

This wasn’t a post serving as a “takedown” piece against Pokémon GO or marketers responding to the phenomenon. The purpose here is to let out a collective exhale for B2B marketers, take a step back, and feel good about not scrambling around for a last-minute campaign. And it came out as one of the best things we did this whole summer.

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