Real-Time Content Marketing and Newsjacking with Interactive Content

February 28, 2013 | SnapApp Marketing

How do you win attention and overall mindshare online? You can rank well in search. You can ride viral lift from social word of mouth. You can pay for or earn media coverage, but achieving all three together is usually a pretty high expectation. That is, until you pair the advantages of real-time content marketing and newsjacking with the effectiveness of interactive content.

David Meerman Scott, the author of the definitive book, News Jacking explains the practice as the process by which you inject your ideas or angles into breaking news, in real-time, in order to generate media coverage for yourself or your business. This art of newsjacking is a key component to real-time content marketing, but the other big piece, of course, is the content itself.

Interactive content, on its own, consistently averages a 50% click through rate and an 85% completion rate, so when the advantages of an effective real-time strategy are applied, the results speak for themselves…

First to the Finish Wins Every Time

For SEO, prominence in online conversations, and securing media coverage, there’s a distinct advantage to being first to produce commentary or content in response to any given event. For most content creation solutions, however, time to publish can be lengthy. Formatting for multiple browsers, channels, and devices alone can often take days of development.

With SnapApp, however, technical aspects like formatting and coding, as well as design aspects like branded backgrounds or color schemes are removed. All marketers or content creators need to do is select the kind of content they want to make, upload the branded components they already have, type out a few questions, options, or messages, and publish. Within five to ten minutes you can create a unique, interactive piece of content like a poll, survey, quiz, or media gallery – not only allowing you to be the first to respond to a breaking story, but also differentiate yourself from everyone else who follows.

Real-Time Data to Share

A key part of newsjacking is the ability to add value to a news story or event as it’s happening. With interactive content, the real-time data generated from real-time interactions can be made public so that poll results, survey answers, or other vital information can keep online communities abreast of what’s happening.

Even in unexpected events like power outages or natural disasters, interactive content optimized for mobile devices can give real-time stats on sentiments, situations, and general locations of those effected. In other applications, response based evaluations like persona tests can even guide people to take the right actions based on their conditions, symptoms, or results.

A Scalable Strategy for the Future

In a recent post on real-time content marketing, David Armano discusses planned improvisation, ie: having a well-developed framework so marketers can expect to rapidly take the right actions when unexpected opportunities arise. This framework, however, isn’t a one off strategy. Unexpected or high profile events happen all the time, and with them, comes a wealth of potential to boost SEO, social pickup, and media coverage even more.

Strategy, though, is never just managing the right steps and tactics; it also requires involving the most effective tools available.

With the SnapApp platform, marketers can both quickly create content in real-time and produce valuable real-time data, but whether it’s a primal part of human nature, or a product of modern innovation, there’s always a desire to get faster. Moreover, from the success of effective real-time strategies, there’s measurable value in being faster as well.

A crucial part of a scalable real-time strategy is not only planning how to be fast in the present, but also, how to be even faster in the future. At SnapApp, we’re firm believers in practicing what we preach, so not only do we have our own real-time strategy in place, we’re continually working to make real-time interactive content creation even faster.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce how we’ve made the interactive content creation process even faster and easier for marketers. We call it SnapApp 2.0, and you can click here for details on all the new enhancements!

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