The Road to Resonance

The Road to Resonance

Kara Widdison 2/29/16

road to resonance

We’re two months into 2016 and I’m guessing the amount of content you’ve created is already more than you would have accomplished at this time last year, which is great! You are officially part of the 76% of marketers who vowed to create more content this year.

I commend you for your efforts thus far because creating content is hard. There’s so much to organize: topics, research, formats, not to mention editing and rewriting. While increasing production is a good goal to have, there’s another goal marketers should keep in mind too: resonance.

What exactly is resonance? It’s synchronous vibrations; it’s striking a chord; it’s connecting 2 points to one another. Resonance is when your content emulates an emotion or feeling and your audience becomes drawn to it. “Ok,” you think, “I can resonate with my audience!” But in the words of my good friend Sean Bean:


There are specific efforts needed to learn about your audience and produce content that captures more than just their attention, but their emotions as well. 

So, what does the road to resonance look like?

Know Your Audience 

Your first destination is understanding that you need to know your audience. Last week we partnered with Uberflipfor a webinar on How to Build Connections with Content, and one of the first tips we got was to learn as much as we can about our audience. 

Think of it as a courtship, because first and foremost, they’re people, not just potential customers. What are their goals? Do they have any problems or obstacles? Are they team Daenerys or team Tyrion? Basically, who are they? These are important things you need to know in order to create content that really resonates.

HubSpot also suggests that in addition to buyer personas, you should develop reader personas.

While you hope all of your readers convert into customers, the reality is that a good percentage will not be buying from you - and that’s ok!

Even though they might not buy your product, if you resonate with them, they’ll still read your content and share it with the world. And this is what leads to more people who will buy your product. 

Gather Data 

Stop #2 is gathering data. Buyer data is super helpful to your content, but where are you going to get it? Some of the outlets suggested in the webinar were:

Interviews: Talk to your audience. There’s so much you can learn in one phone call.

Interactive Content: Personality assessments can help build those personas we just mentioned!

Helpdesk Tickets: What are they having trouble with? They’ll send out an S.O.S when they have a problem or obstacle.

Another outlet is social media. The Social Media Examiner suggests looking at bios and descriptions online. 

How do they describe themselves? Is there more than just “Marketing Specialist” in their bios? Are they a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur or travel enthusiast?  

They also suggest learning when your audience is most socially active. Do they post in the morning or evening? It’s good to know when your audience is online and engaged so you can plan when to deliver content. 

Write…A lot.

Our final stop is practicing. Practice makes perfect. Beethoven didn’t just sit down at his piano for the first time and start playing those majestic tunes. 

Becoming an empathetic writer takes time and practice. Write as much as you can about whatever you can. The more you write, the more you’ll be able to find your voice as a writer and learn how to include a kernel of insight that will strike a chord in the hearts of your audience. 

So, What Did We Learn?

Resonance is a critical part of connecting with your audience, but how do you get there?

Know your audience: Learn as much as you can about them. They’re more than just potential customers.

Build your data sources: Interviews, interactive content, social media…There are so many places to gain insight into your readers.

Write as much as you can: Practice, practice, practice!

To get more tips on resonating with your audience and building strong connections, you can watch the webinar Is Your Content Resonating? How to Build Connections with Content. 


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