Seasonal Marketing Campaigns: Your Secret Weapon For Engagement

Seasonal Marketing Campaigns: Your Secret Weapon For Engagement

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Marketers are always looking for a reason to engage with their database. Marketing engagements like emails, paid media, events, webinars, and social all form the opportunities a lead has to score and hopefully move on to the next stage of their journey. Yet, figuring out the the purpose of the engagement can be tricky. 

Do you reshare your white paper that was a hit six months ago or promote your latest webinar? Whether or not you have something going on RIGHT NOW or are experiencing a bit of a lull, the purpose of the engagement is critical for prospects.

That’s because marketing that creates a lasting impression will generate business. If the promotion channel doesn’t capture the attention of your prospect, they won’t click. If they don’t click, they can never have the opportunity to convert. 

Where to turn when your content campaigns could use a fresh angle? 

Pull Them In With Seasonal-Themed Content that Resonates

One thing all your prospects can identify with are the seasonal events. For example in March, we couldn’t get away from March Madness, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and April Fools just last week. Smart agile marketers leverage these opportunities to create lasting impressions with their prospects. 

Let’s look at three awesome examples of seasonal themed campaigns.

1. Heineken: Your Irish Beer of Choice?

St. Patrick’s Day in the United States has become a celebration of beer, bagpipes, and all things green. And which beer do consumers turn to? Guinness. WalletHub predicts that 13 million pints of Guinness will be consumed on St. Patrick’s Day this year, compared to 5 million on any other day. So much Guinness!

If you’re another beer company, you want to get in on this spike but how? Heineken stepped in to create a lasting impression through humor, recruiting Neil Patrick Harris to voice the campaign. Check out the ad below. 


By creating an impression, you might think twice before ordering a Guinness on St. Patrick’s Day.

2. Brackets: Here, There And Everywhere!

Whether you follow college basketball or not, it’s hard to escape the buzz of the busted bracket. Smart marketers take advantage of this ongoing buzz with their own bracket categories. 

SnapApp customers Penton and Penguin Random House developed brackets in March so their audience could take part of the action. 

Penton featured a competition of engineering schools to appeal to their audience, while Penguin Random House featured a battle of literary duos.

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Both companies use the seasonality of March to spur a conversation and keep their audiences engaged. For their prospects, it was a memorable campaign that gave a variation on a pop culture phenomenon, bending it to focus on their brand.

SnapApp was in on the bracket action, too. We asked B2B marketers which TV show they deemed the most binge-worthy.

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A battle between eight heavy weights that saw a ruthless opponent take the crown. Can you guess who won? No surprise, you all loved Game of Thrones!

3. #BanBoringContent! It's No Joke...

Well, actually yes and no. For April Fool’s Day, many companies take a risk to deliver fun, lasting impressions. Sometimes they are a hit like PornHub becoming CornHub for the day. Or sometimes they get people fired (that’s a big oops Google). 

At SnapApp, we launched a Google Chrome Extension that allowed marketers to ban boring content they find on the internet. See a 50 page white paper you find boring, just hit that #banit button and be mesmerized as the content becomes a playground of insight, engagement, and lead generation.

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But, alas, if only it was that easy. This may have been an elaborate April Fool’s joke, but at SnapApp we’re committed to help marketers create lasting impressions through their content. Whether it’s content for the rest of spring, or evergreen content, interactive content can help you fight through the noise and deliver a content experience your audience won’t forget.

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