SnapApp’s Summer Release: Advanced Integration & Faster Creation

SnapApp’s Summer Release: Advanced Integration & Faster Creation

Earlier this week SnapApp’s Summer Release went live, and we’re excited to share some of the new features we added.

Advanced Marketing Automation

This release introduces our brand new Advanced Marketing Automation functionality, which we’re kicking off with Eloqua.

With any marketing automation provider, you can push data collected with SnapApp into lead records for scoring, nurturing, or outreach. With our new release, you can now customize lead form behavior for prospects you already have in your Eloqua database.

You now have the option to pre-fill any lead form with available data from Eloqua, so a lead with name and email filled in on the Eloqua side would have to add their title or email address to complete the form. You can also choose not to display a form at all for known prospects, automatically syncing their question/answer data into their lead record.

Better yet, if prospects abandon your SnapApp before hitting the form, we’ll capture and deliver all partial data. Next up, we’ll be offering this kind of advanced integration with Marketo. Stay tuned!

Copy & Convert

We’re always working on upgrades to make it even faster and easier to create interactive content in SnapApp. With this release, we’re including a feature we’re calling “Copy & Convert” that allows you to recycle existing SnapApps and create Design Templates more easily than ever.

With this new feature you can:

Create Design Templates

Create a copy of an existing SnapApp while preserving the styling and layout. Images, text, backgrounds, display settings and more are kept, with the option to clear text and dates with each copy.

Convert the Content Type

Did you create a knockout Assessment that you want to reuse as a Calculator? Have a Calculator that would make a great Interactive Video? You can now convert existing SnapApps to a new type, while preserving the styling and layout.

Combined, these tools allow you to scale from a handful of SnapApps to as many as you need for multiple engagements, saving you valuable time.

Go-Faster Goodies

For improved management and navigation, the new info modal enables quick access to important details for each SnapApp, right on the listings page. On top of that, we’ve added a content type icon and name field to the builder header.

For the full scoop on our Summer Release, check out the SnapApp Knowledge Base.

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