SnapApp Customers Come Out on Top at Killer Content Awards

March 4, 2015 | Dan Trefethen

We love seeing the amazing content our customers create – and the equally amazing results they see for their demand gen programs.

That’s why it’s particularly exciting for us when those customers get recognized for all their hard work.

At the DemandGen Content2Conversion conference in February, we got to celebrate alongside four SnapApp customers as they received Killer Content Awards – recognition that they’re doing something great in content marketing.

EMC, Unitrends, Lattice Engines, and Penton all won for driving remarkable engagement through their content.

EMC and Lattice Engines won in the “Buyer-Focused Content” category for personalized, targeted content that’s accessible from multiple platforms. EMC’s award recognized their EMC Store, making it easier for customers to learn about EMC products, compare products, and obtain pricing. Lattice Engines won for a comprehensive Buyer’s Guide to predictive lead scoring, accompanied by a checklist to help buyers wrap their heads around the new field of predictive lead scoring.

Unitrends won for an interactive assessment we love to talk about around here – “Build Your Own Data Apocalypse.” Unitrends created a fun, Halloween-themed game that layered pop-culture questions alongside data backup and disaster recovery qualifying questions. The assessment generated 300 leads and has contributed more than $300,000 in influenced sales pipeline.

Penton also won for interactive content – their “World’s Greatest Engineering Movie” bracket paired up 32 classic and new engineering-focused movies and garnered massive social engagement. The contest received 63,354 page views, as well as 345 Facebook referrals and 2,387 YouTube views for the video recaps.

Penton was also nominated for a Markie, the Oracle | Eloqua celebration of innovative modern marketers. Winners will be announced in early April.

More info on the winners can be found in this Killer Content Awards Slideshare.

Learn more about the award-winning Unitrends story:

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