SnapApp December Release: Quick and Easy Buttons

SnapApp December Release: Quick and Easy Buttons

“Button, button, who’s got the button?” -Willy Wonka



Content creation platforms continuous mission should always be to make it as easy and streamlined as possible for content creators to put what is in their minds onto the screen. From Photoshop to Word to Final Cut, all creative software is built to empower the creator, not create obstacles.

Sometimes these functionalities are big, broad strokes of intuitive control like drag and drop, or content aware scaling, or auto spell check.

But other times, they come in seemingly smaller forms. Little updates that smooth out speed bumps that haven’t been fully stopping you, but slowing you down just a bit.

One of those speed bumps for many content creation platforms is, simply, buttons. Really. We all need them, and they’re not awfully difficult to make, but they usually take an additional design step.

Not anymore.

With our December release, we added a new option for all buttons in SnapApp. You can now use a SnapApp Button, which is css-based and doesn’t require you to upload an image file.




With this feature you can change the text to anything you want and the button will automatically expand in width to fit the text.




There is also an array of styling options for the button such as fill color, border, shadow, and filters.  All of these are also available for the hover version of the button.




For all buttons, you can still upload your own custom image files like in the past. This option is now known as “Custom Image.” If you uploaded images for existing apps, those will not be affected and still appear as normal. You simply have the new option available if you so choose.

We hope you find that this feature helps you more easily design your festive, holiday SnapApps. We welcome all suggestions and feedback here.  As always, you can check out the Knowledge Base for more information on this and other features or contact your Customer Success Manager.


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