New Tool Alert: SnapApp for PDF Makes Your PDFs do MORE

August 2, 2018 | Melissa Nazar

Exciting news to share! We’ve added a new tool to the SnapApp platform – SnapApp for PDF – that’s going to dramatically change how you approach your standard white papers and ebooks.

Gated PDFs have long been the cornerstone of B2B demand gen – but the download-MQL-sales call process is ineffective, and really not at all in line with how prospects actually buy today (check out our research into what your buyers really want during the process).

Also, PDFs can be a black hole – we don’t really know how readers engage with them and haven’t been able to effectively use them to glean real insights about our audiences.

That’s why we decided to build SnapApp for PDF, a tool that lets you take your existing static content and create more engaging experiences for readers that also helps further qualify them, while also letting them engage with content without gating it up front.

The secret? By making it easy to layer in key sales-qualifying questions throughout the PDF experience, you can get insights that quickly tell you how to follow up with a reader, whether they need to be sent straight to sales, be further nurtured, or even disqualified completely.


Why We Built It

We constantly are looking for customer feedback and incorporating new ideas into our platform and tools based on what marketers need. SnapApp for PDF was the result of three key things we keep hearing from marketers:

“ I just don’t have time!”

Doing something new can be tough, so making a tool that was super simple to use was a main goal for SnapApp for PDF. As a result, interactive PDFs take no time at all to create – 15 minutes at worst. Simply upload your PDF, drop in a few questions, sync to your marketing automation, and publish.


“We have soooo many PDFs!”

Marketers <3 PDFs. Which is why we prioritized creating experiences based on this popular format. There’s no need to create new content for SnapApp for PDF. You’ve already got a great library — take the PDFs you’re already using for nurture streams, in resources centers, for follow-ups to events, and get them to do more, all without pulling in a designer or developer.


“I just need more ways to drive qualified leads!”

MQLs and opportunities are often key metrics for marketers. SnapApp for PDF lets you easily ask the key questions that can quickly qualify prospects for you and syncs them to your marketing automation or CRM. That way, you can easily use these insights to drive better sales conversations and follow-up marketing activities – no more guessing what your audience wants!

How Marketers are Benefiting

We’ve been testing this product with our customers for the past month, and the benefits are clear.

Accelerated lead qualification. Instead of waiting for traditional actions like clicks or downloads, SnapApp for PDF lets you ask important questions, letting prospects can self-qualify and to sales or the right follow-up, all in just one interaction.

More engagement.Questions mean that prospects must actually engage with your PDF, rather than just downloading and potentially reading it. In exchange for their answers, participants receive real-time, hyper-relevant follow-up marketing content they care about.

Higher conversion on existing content. Instead of starting from scratch, marketers are able to use existing content and drive more from it.

Want to learn more? We’ve developed a resource center where you can check out more about SnapApp for PDF, and also sign up for our upcoming webinar (August 15) to preview the tool!


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