SnapApp for Salesforce: Meet Our New Widget

April 9, 2019 | Greg Achenbach

Lead qualification is the primary focus of SnapApp, so we can help marketers get the high quality leads sales wants. The ability to ask prospects key qualifying questions through interactive apps is one side of this equation. On the other, is being able to get the answer data to sales where they can use it to prioritize follow up and tailor their approach for the most promising leads. This second part just got a lot simpler with the introduction of our new Salesforce Widget.

The SnapApp Salesforce Widget is a Chrome browser extension that allows users to display response data from SnapApp inside Salesforce. The widget enables sales users to view responses to qualifying questions submitted via apps inside a lead or contact record within Salesforce.

For any contact that has completed an app and is also in Salesforce, your sales team will be able to see responses and easily spot buying signals. SnapApp’s Question Bank makes it easy to store and organize the qualifying questions to be used in apps, and connects to the widget to display submitted answers.

We’ve always been dedicated to unleashing the potential in every marketer. Now we’re hoping to enable your sales team by making them more effective as well.

  • Accelerate your sales cycle—Save time and legwork by letting SnapApp do the lead qualification for you, posing qualifying questions to prospects who interact with your content and campaigns.
  • Improve sales follow up—Help sales understand buyer pains and needs so they can tell stories that resonate instead of relying on generic talk tracks.
  • Increase lead quality—Reveal which leads are the most promising and show the strongest buying intent so sales can stop targeting cold ones.
  • Gain deep buyer insights—Get valuable context and more insight into the heart of the buyer’s problem to fuel productive sales conversations.

Marketers invest a lot in creating a strong pipeline for their sales team. Enable your team to act decisively and efficiently on the deep insights and highly qualified leads you supply.

Any Chrome user can install this extension from the Chrome web store, but users will be required to log in with SnapApp credentials to view any data. Being able to log in will require a sales seat in SnapApp and a Salesforce Classic login to work.

If you’re not a SnapApp customer and want to learn more about the Salesforce Widget and our other sales enablement tools, request a personalized demo with our sales team.

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